Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Essie Fall Mini Collection 2015 ::: Swatches and Review

I am reviewing Essie Fall 2015 mini collection today. And yes, I am diving straight into the review without any story :-) ! Because there is no point in sharing how I decided not to buy another set of nail polishes but I ended up buying anyway because the colors were absolutely amazing! :-) :-) Especially “Leggy Legend” is an INSTANT favorite. This shade has been popping all over on Instagram lately and when I saw it in mini size, I grabbed the set without even calculating the savings which is very atypical of me! 

The cost of this set is $17. I got it for $13.6 before the taxes with 20% off coupon from Ulta. Apart from Ulta you can find it some drugstores. I saw it online in Ebay and from but I am not quite willing to recommend as I have not personally buy anything from them. The full sizes are available in, check here. A full size regular Essie polish is $8.50 for 0.2 oz. There are 4 shades with 0.16 oz. of product each so basically you are paying $4.25 for each. I have never gone through a bottle of nail polish so minis are the best way to go for me. Also, it turned out all these colors are unique to my collection. These are the perfect shades for Fall but there is no reason why you could not wear these in any other season! They are very flattering irrespective of the season! 

Leggy Legend: This is such a happy color! To me it’s a recreation/replica of autumn foliage! It is filled with gold cupper micro glitters on a bronzy golden base. Very foiled, very metallic! I LOVE THIS SHADE! It’s a thick polish, but very smooth to apply. It was very easy to get an even application with one coat, as shown in the swatch here. The initial brightness and foiled look lost its intensity by the 4th day but wore nicely for 5-6 days before chipping heavily,! Did I mention that I love this shade? :-)

With the Band: Very rich creamy classic deep burgundy red. It appears a bit muted in the bottle but transfers quite vivid on the nails. It’s an inviting red and I can confidently wear this to work! Please keep in mind that I am an Electrical Design Engineer and I need to work on a lot of engineering drawings. I don't like to wear bright shades because bright glittery shades on my nails appears very obvious and makes me quite conscious about wearing them :-) But these color  is so strong and elegant, it feels very empowering when I wear  it. Very opaque pigmentation, flawless application in one coat and lasted for 1 week without heavy chipping. I am in love! By the way, it does stain even with a strong base underneath if that’s something that bothers you.

Apart from "in the lobby" all swatches here are single coat!!

In the Lobby: another creme finish in berry with greyish purple undertone. I love this color. It is not a flat creme, there is some dimensions to it. Looks equally appealing on the toes and on fingers. But formula wise, it was the weakest among the 4 shades. The formula itself was smooth, but it was streaky to apply. I had to use at least 2 coats to get an even layer. But on some areas it was still not very even. I love the color, but it may not be the best idea to pick up the full size bottle. I am not unhappy with the small bottle though :-)

Frock ‘n Roll: Definitely the most complex shade in this set. I am not very attracted to vampy nail polishes in general. But this has started to change that! It’s a deep purple grey with a subtle speckles of gold. Very intricate, very beautiful! The complexity is not obvious in indoors or in simple lighting, but in sunlight it’s just beautiful. I have not worn it on my nails yet, but on the toes it lasts forever. 

These are my first ever Essie Polishes and I am VERY happy. I hope I don’t get addicted though; I am not sure how many new beauty addiction my poor wallet can take! :-)

What is your favorite polish?

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