Sunday, December 20, 2015

Holiday 2015 ::: BECCA Afterglow Palette swatches and reviews!!!!

This year Becca Cosmetics came up with a few holiday set and palettes! “Champagne Glow” palette is exclusive to Sephora and “On the Glow” duo is available in a few different places! I am talking about “Afterglow Palette” today. I will write the whole story behind my chase after the “Champagne Glow” palette someday soon. But, when it went out of stock online I panicked and hastily ordered the “Afterglow” palette from Ulta! Anyway, now that I have it for almost a month, I thought why not review it!

The palette comes with 5 different shades of their quite popular Shimmering Skin Perfector (highlighters) and mineral Blushes. The perfectors are each 0.05 oz. and the blushes are 0.056 oz. Here’s a little break down of the price.

in Full-Size
Full-Size Price (USD)

Amount in 
Value in Set (USD)
Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed
0.28 oz.
(0.05 X 3 )
=0.15 oz.
Mineral Blush
0.2 oz.
(0.056 X 2)
=0.112 oz.

Total Product= 0.262 oz.
Total Value= $38.27

The palette is retailed at a price of $39.50 so you are actually paying a bit more. As I said, it was a rushed purchase; I did not quite pay attention to the price. So, I am a tiny bit disappointed with that. When I think about holiday palettes the first thing that comes to my mind are the savings! Unfortunately, this palette does not offer any savings. The pans are of the same size as MUFE eyeshadow pans, I use smaller brushes anyway so it is not a problem for me to put my brush in the pans without disturbing the neighboring pans. But that might be something you may want to consider.

Closer look!
Let’s talk about the packaging. It’s a very sleek compact rectangle rose-gold colored palette that is absolutely perfect for on-the-go. But I want to state that the material of the palette feels a little weak, more plastic-y than their regular line. I love their sturdy package otherwise. The regular size comes in a very sturdy compact but these powders are so very finely milled that it makes them a little fragile. But the compacts are not quite shock absorbent. There is a huge risk of the powder getting shattered into pieces by any type of shocks. I know for sure that I will never have the guts to take it with me while travelling. That’s where the palette shows the true potential. You get to try 5 different shades for the price of one and you can bring them with you anywhere you travel without the fear of destroying them.

Here are the shades

Moonstone: This is very cream pale gold shade. It can be stark on my skin tone if I am not careful but I definitely wear it and I love it. :-)
Rose Gold: I have a tiny little compact of Rose Gold that I got in another set a while ago. Like the name suggests, it’s very beautiful warm Rose Gold shade. It is very close to my skin tone and so, it is easier to wear to work every day.
Topaz: This is a subdued gold shade. It is a little too strong as a highlighter at times, so I have to be extra careful with this shade. That’s why I don’t gravitate towards it that much. It is also a pretty eye shadow.
Wild Honey: I got this shade in full-size quite some time ago. It’s a very light peachy shade, quite warm but perfect for every day wear. It does not show up a lot on my skin tone, but I absolutely love the luminosity it gives me. Initially I took a little bit of time to warm up to this shade but now I LOVE it. I often use it as a base layer and then top it with a light layer of a different blush over it.

Flowerchild: Another very well-known blush from Becca. This is very peachy golden shade with a strong pink undertone! This one definitely shows up on my skin tone very easily and I love it. 

All of these products are very consistent in performance. If you already don’t know, “glowy-dewy look from within” is what Becca products are known for. I can definitely attest to that! They are very finely milled; very easy to blend but quite strongly pigmented. If you are looking for something subtle, this is not it. But like I said they are easy to blend, hence don’t be scared. If you proceed with lighter hand they are easy to work with. You also need just a tiny bit for each application and their staying power is phenomenal! Hence this palette will last you years even though you use it every single day. It was a panic purchase but I am thoroughly enjoying this palette. It is still available in Ulta (still in stock), Beautylish (for shipping to outside USA), and also on Becca website

I will review Champagne Glow palette soon :-)

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