Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holiday 2015 ::: Urban Decay Delirious Travel-Size Set Of 5 Review & Swatches!!

The 24/7 glide-on eye pencils from Urban Decay (UD) are one of the cult favorite products in the beauty industry! These waterproof pencils claim to be creamy enough to blend out and strong enough to provide a budge proof long lasting finish. Like any other permanent product in UD’s repertoire, these pencils also come in a wide array of spectacular shades. I don’t know for how long I have been yearning for these pencils! Every year UD curates limited edition value sets with 3 or more new and permanent shades. This year’s “Delirious Travel-Size Set of 5” has such beautiful shades that I had to give in and bit the bullet.

And also, this is currently on Sale; check here:-) :-) They dropped the price by $10; it almost makes me annoyed because I paid $29. But hey, it’s a great news for all of you :-) This set is limited edition and is exclusive to Sephora. But UD has another 5 piece set called “Cosmic” (check here, also found in Macy’s) that has some beautiful neutral everyday shades. If you love your neutrals, you should check it out.

A regular size of 24/7 glide-on pencil has 0.04 oz. of product and costs $20. In this set each of the pencil has 0.03 oz. The set originally cost $29 but with the new sale price of $19, you are basically getting products for 4 full size pencils at a price of less than one! That’s an awesome deal

Like I said, I love the color range! They are gorgeous vivid shades in jewel toned finish! Four of these are brand new, never-seen-before shades. They are extremely creamy in texture, quite easy to apply and can be blended out! Because of the formula, it is not quite easy to get a defined line! I mostly use them on the upper lash line for a quick defined yet blended liner. I wear contacts and I fear that the little speckles will hurt my contact. So I don’t wear them on my lower lash line as much but they look absolutely beautiful on lower lash line. My skin around the eye area can get dry from time to time, but these pencils glide on quite smoothly. There are a few eyeliner formulas that never stay on my eyelid no matter how great of a primer I use underneath it. E.g. NYX Jumbo Eye pencils last only for 5 minutes before horribly creasing on my eyes. These were so creamy and smooth that I was extremely afraid that they will also melt and disappear. But, so far, all of these have performed rather well. With primer underneath these stay on my eye lid for 5-6 hrs. and then start to fade. While it is not the best wear time, they also did not make a mess while disappearing, I really enjoyed that. But I would have really preferred a bit stronger staying power. Also, they are a little lightly pigmented; I will talk about it more a bit later.

My biggest complaint with these is that they are not automatic. You need to sharpen them and because the formula is so soft and creamy that it needs a bit more product per application when compared against a thicker formula like Marc Jacobs Highliners. This essentially means that I will have to sharpen them more frequently; I am not looking forward to that part. Also, among all the holiday madness of putting products out in the market, UD and Sephora team completely messed up the color of the liners on the packaging and in their descriptions, especially with the “Zodiac” shade.

Perversion: This is such an iconic shade! A lot of people adore this and I can see why. It is marketed as their blackest black and I really enjoy how black it is. Very smooth, buttery and very strongly pigmented. It lasted on my lids for 6-7 hrs. before starting to very gracefully fade. If you already have perversion in your collection, you may or may not get annoyed with its inclusion in this set. Personally for me, the blacker it gets, the better it gets.

Rest of the shades are all brand new! Like I already mentioned they are a bit light in pigmentation, not patchy or uneven but just a bit weaker; I need to use 2-3 layers to get a stronger, brighter application.  

Zodiac: This shade in the packaging and the website appear as a very vivid, bright emerald shade. They describe it as “smoky black with blue-green 3-D sparkle”. Unfortunately, I don’t find any resemblance with either of those. But it is still very gorgeous! It’s a gorgeous deep metallic but muted olive green with lots of shimmer. On the eyes, it appears even more muted. I love that because it makes it more work appropriate. :-)

Accuse: Yay for blue eyeliners!! I am a big advocate of wearing blue on the eyes :-) “Accuse” is such a vibrant, fun yet a mature blue. It’s a bright metallic jewel toned blue shade with shimmer. Don’t be afraid of this type of color especially if you have olive/tan skin tone like me. I absolutely LOVE it.

Delirious: Another favorite. Rich purple shade with shimmer. Playful yet elegant and I have been totally enjoying it for wearing to work.

Muse: I am either black liner or colored liner type of girl. Brown does not really appeal a lot to me, but this absolutely beautiful. It’s a deep rich brown with shimmer. There are no visible glitters and I have been wearing it on my lower lash line; it surprisingly stayed for a LONG time. I love how it makes my eyes look a bit brighter. 

I would have appreciated a little more strength to the pigmentation for the colored shades, but overall I like the set. I totally love the color range; they are right up my alley. With the new marked down price, I highly recommend you check out this set. I have seen plenty of this left in the stores and it is available online as well. If you are still looking for a last minute gift, or if you have someone who loves eyeliners, this is great little set to give as gift. Have you tried these 24/7 glide on pencils? What’s your favorite shade?

Just 3 more days to Christmas …Yay!!!!!


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