Saturday, October 1, 2016

Review & Swatches ::: Essie Fall Mini Collection 2016

I am currently in India for vacation. While shopping for gifts, my mom asked for  a few different nailpolishes. I looked around for options and figured that this was the best set - varsity and cost-wise!! :-)

I reviewed last year's Essie Fall mini Collection (click here to read the review) and I still love us in some of the shades from time to time.

This set has 4 mini polishes with 0.16 oz of products in each for a total cost of $18. I think this is a good deal as you get to try 4 shades in the price of 2. Personally for me, minis work best as I can nurture my hope about finishing the bottle at some point of time. I cannot say the same for a full-size bottle!

Here are the shades:

Playing Koi: Without any doubt, this is a unique shade. It is a very muted autumny orange kind of shade. Almost, like a pumpkin. :-) Very good formula, one application was enough for getting an even layer. 2 application definitely got me a better look. There was no streak as well.

Maki Me Happy: Now this is a very common shade. Quite a deep crimson red shade, in fact last Fall set also had somewhat of a similar shade. Same thick, nice consistincy for the formula. One coat was enough, but I just feel better with 2 coats.

Kimono Over: Another gorgeous shade with excellent formula, the picture was taken with one coat only whereas rest were 2 coats. It is not an innovative color at all, but it is such an excellent formula that it makes me want to buy the shade for myself.

Udon Know Me: This is not a fall shade per se! But its a gorgeous pale blue. I dont feel conscious or aware when I wear this to work, typically blue is a bit much for me to wear to work. (I still do it though!) :-) This is the weakest formula among this four. It went a bit streaky on the first layer so the second layer was important to get a nice and even application.

I dont know why, but Essie polishes (actually, more or less every polish) chips off at the very tip of my nails. It happend to me this time as well. I wore Udon know me and granted that I was cleaning the house that day, but yeah it chips a very little the second day. These are quite shiny and the shine lasts for 3-4 days before starting to fade. Apart from few minor chips, rest looked OK! It surely did lose the shine after 4-5 days!

My mom seemed to be happy with the shades! Now the question is what shade to wear for the big, fat wedding next week :-)
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