Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Lip Balms Galore ::: Multi Brand Series, Episode 1

Starting a brand new series here! This series will focus on a particular product and my experience with the product from different brand. I can see mundane beauty products like makeup removers, toners, eyeliners get featured in this series. These products do not excite me enough to prepare individual post but I still use them everyday! I don't have a fixed schedule for this but I will post as soon as I think I have tried enough of the product from different palette. So, this is going to be the first episode in this Multi-Brand series! I have gone through many different lip balms and I never talk about them!

Lip balms are important to me! I have dry, chapped lips all year round. At this point, I have given up on hopes that my lips are going to be TOTALLY healed and remain constantly smooth! But I have found lip products that tremendously help me in maintaining my lips in a standard "cared-for" position. I was going through my vanity and I noticed that I have way too many backup lip balms! I decided to change the way I work on finishing up my lip balms. I now use 3-4 different lip balms in the hope that I will be able to finish up more products in a faster way! Besides, we all need one balm in our purse, one in the vanity area, one near the sofa of the living room (so that I don't have to run upstairs if my lips are feeling dry but I don't want to leave the netflix series I am watching)! And last, but not the least one or 2 by my bed-side.

Nivea Lip Balm ($2.99, 0.17 oz): This is my staple lip balm; it goes everywhere with me! I have gone through many tubes of this in many different scents/flavours like "A Kiss of Moisture Essential Lip Care", "Milk & Honey Soothing Lip Care". Original is my most favorite. But anyway, I love that I can use it over any lipstick I am wearing and I don't necessarily need any mirror to do that. Most of the time I donut see any lipstick/lipbalm up on my teeth. Some lipbalm can mess up the lipstick you are already wearing. It is an absolute MUST-HAVE for me! I have also gone through 2 lip butter from Nivea as well and I love them. It is quite thick so it can appear like a white-cast on the lips but it is awesome to apply at nighttime.

Caudalie Lip Conditioner ($12, 0.15 oz): At 12$ a tube, this is probably the most expensive lip balms I have used. I did love this as I have gone through 3 of these (thank goodness for holiday value-set). The texture here is silky-smooth and it is really moisturizing. However, last 2 tubes started to smell a little odd after I have used 2/3rd of the tubes. I used to carry it in my purse and I don't know if the outside weather has any effect in creating the odd smell. The current tube I am using is kept in my living room. It is almost empty but I have not got that odd scent yet. Also, it can get used up pretty quickly which is sad considering how expensive it is. I am not sure if I will repurchase at full-price.

Aquaphor Heal Ointment Mini Jar ($2.99, 0.25 oz) : Now this is completely on the opposite end of spectrum, price wise! It was an impulse buy from Ulta just so I could get free shipping! But I absolutely enjoy this product. It is a tiny jar but it has lasted me a long time. I am almost running out of it. I typically use this before I go to bed and it heals and smoothens my lips for the next day. I make sure to use this at night if I used a matte liquid lipstick or any drying regular lipstick that day. Moisturization-wise this is a bit better than my trusted Nivea! I would ABSOLUTELY repurchase.

Rosebud Perfume Co. Rosebud Salve ($6, 0.8 oz): The consistency and texture of this balm takes me straight to my childhood! This resembles something that my grandmas would have had in their vanity. It is such a giant jar, I am honestly not sure if I will ever be able to finish it up! Opening the huge jar is kind of cumbersome because it gets so slippery, I finally depotted some to another little jar to make my life better. It is VERY moisturizing and a little bit heavy so I don't use it during day-time. But I thoroughly enjoy it using alternatively with the aquaphor. I am not sure if I will repurchase just because of the sheer volume of product you get in here!

Herbivore Coco Rose Coconut Oil Lip Conditioner ($22, 0.17 oz): Okay, so I guessed I lied! Caudalie is not the most expensive, this is. It costs $22 but I got it in a Sephora Favorites set so I probably did not spend that much. This disappointed me. The balm had a thin consistency and I enjoyed the faint but "real" rose scent, but it was not moisturizing at all! At all! I had to go back to reapply within an hour. I will finish this up but will not repurchase. I understand it is a cleaner brand with a short list of clean ingredients but sadly for me it was not worth the price. 

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15 ($24, 0.15 oz): Oh, this is another crazy expensive balm! I have gone through a full-size of this in "Tulip". It was very easy on the lips however once I apply it, it ended up everywhere on my teeth. It was not that moisturizing as well. This one pictured here is in the Rose scent and it is performing much better. It is moisturizing and it does not end up on my lips that badly. I will repurchase but not at full price. 

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 ($7.50, 0.25 oz): I know a lot of people love this but I have not yet managed to try it yet. I am waiting to finish up one of the lip balms I am currently working so I can take advantage of the spf in here during the summer.

Elf Cosmetics Lip Exfoliator ($3, 0.16 oz): This is a handy product to have for 3 bucks. It gets a bit drying but the trick is to use a lip balm and then use the exfoliator. It really gets the job done, it so much more convenient and hassle-free when I am running out of time to get ready but still want a matte lips. I still think mixing olive oil or honey with some sugar gives me the best result. The original is a bit too gritty for my taste but the minty one is way more smooth! If I repurchase, I will probably get the mint one.

Hope this was interesting :-) Do let me know :-)

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