Saturday, April 1, 2017

Monthly Favorites ::: Feb-March 2017

I did not do a Monthly Favorites for January. I hate that I am not being consistent, I am using makeup in a regular manner, I am using a few new products as well but nothing has really, really excited me! I took another look on my vanity and these are a very few products that I have been using a lot and they are making me happy. They are not the ABSOLUTE favorites but for these two months these are the ones that I am enjoying!

Real Techniques Expert Concealer Brush: Let's talk about the product that is my most favorite in this brush. This is a thick, round eyeshadow brush with soft, short bristles! It is the absolute best brush for me to use on my crease when I want to have blow-out crease, when I want to have a really diffused blended transition of colors from lid to crease. It is fast and deposits eyeshadow in such swift manner. I am really loving it.

Becca Backlight Priming Filter (Full review here): This is in my Finish17in2017 Project Pan and I am trying hard to use it up. I love this product since I got it, but using it again reminded me of how I enjoy using it like a moisturizer type of product in the mornings. It immediately livens up my face and prepares me for blush and bronzer. I don't wear foundation but I love wearing bronzer, blush and highlighter. So this helps me evening out my skintone. I have swatched a pretty heavy layer here, but you can see how glowy it can look! It also smells nice and fresh!

Smashbox Blush in Passion Fruit: I did not have expectations from this when I bought it. I saw a value set and bought it. But it pretty good. It is a soft muted nude-y rose shade. Looks too pale for my skintone but actually it is an everyday simple shade. I have been a lot of heavy eye looks lately and I like how this goes with every crazy colour I want to wear that day.

Tarte Tarteist™ Clay Paint Eyeliner in "Bronze" (Full review here): First of all, I do not always have the time to fuss around with brush and the then squeeze the tube to get the product and work very hard to wear an even eyeliner. So I typically stick to liquid eyeliner pens. But I really do like the look when I use this one. It is a beautiful brown-bronzy shade which really compliments any type of shade of eyeshadow I am working with.

Benefit The POREfessional Face Primer: Such an OG product in the beauty community. It is also a product that Ulta or Sephora loves to distribute as samples or gift with purchase. I started to use it when I went home for my sisters wedding. I apply it on my porous areas on over my cheeks where I have huge crater like pores left from previous acnes. It does a great job in evening out my skin for foundation application and prevents my blushes from getting splotchy!

I sure do hope I have some better, more exciting things to talk about next month :-)

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