Friday, June 2, 2017

Colourpop Haul :-)

This May, Colourpop Cosmetics turned 3. In celebration of their birthday, they were/are offering some killer deals throughout the month of May (check more here).  I of course, placed 2 orders -for the first haul, I spent just 41$ and got a few free items as well. The second haul cost me 32$! It was without doubt my best purchases from Colourpop in terms of value. But, of course it came with a little bit of guilt. I did not really need all of these, I just wanted was some blue shades for a series I am planning, but these damn deals are just impossible to pass on. I gave in!

Now, I am going to be a productive blogger and share my haul with you guys! If you regularly visit my blog you may notice that I do hardly post hauls, I mainly focus on intensive reviews accompanied with makeup looks I created. I love to blog with detailed swatches and looks! But today I am here just for the haul. I will eventually have detailed reviews but I think, right now the most important thing was to get the swatches posted. Colourpop shadows cost $5 for a pop that contains 0.074 oz. product. I have been a bigtime fan of their super shock shadows (I love the shimmery ones tiny bit more but I can work with the matte ones as well). Also, they recently launched an array of pressed powder shadows. The deal they were running where $10 for 3 eyeshadows so I picked a total of 10 Super Shock shadows and 5 from  the new pressed shadows. Let’s discuss the ones that are relatively new!

Come and get it (Pressed shadow): I have fallen in love with this shade. Its so creamy, so easy to work with and stays put with or without primer. The shade is just absolutely gorgeous! It’s a beautiful coral shade with a gorgeous gold duo-chrome. This is becoming a fast favorite. 
High Strung (Pressed shadow): Another creamy shimmery shade with excellent quality. It looks kind of similar to Come and get it, but it is much more bronzy. 
Sandbar (Pressed shadow): I am planning on a “colorful blog” post and I noticed I don’t have a whole lot of pink in my collection. I have not used it yet. It is beautiful pink shade. But these two pink shade has already stained my hand when I was swatching it.
Hot Totty: Talking about pink, I had to pick it up! Have not used it yet.


Like I said, I am planning on colourful Eyeshadow series! My love for blue eyeshadow is what give me confidence to wear bright colours. So, I am going to start with blue first. `Coconut` is one of the most the most popular and older shade; I always wanted to pick it up.

Coconut: It is a satin teal kind of shade. I am excited to try it out. 
Luckfully: I think I will love this more than Coconut. It is a much more deeper navy shade.
Telepathy: Bright Brassy-yet fluorescent golden olive-yellow shade. I don’t own anything like this. That is the simple reason I picked it up.
Shameless: I own Lace, Rex, Stereo. All of these have black base with different glitters. This is the only one I did not have, so I got. Plus, I don’t have many green shadows.
Arrow: Now this was a surprise buy. I never knew this was a shade Colourpop offered but it is actually very pretty. I am not sure how this will look on me but I am excited.

I also picked up the lip set called “Can't Stop, Won't Stop” (only because I wanted to get the free gifts)!

They also were offering free mini lipsticks with 20$ purchase. I scored Dopey, Frick N’ Frack and London Fog. I already had full-size of Frick N’ Frack and I love it. :-)

Here are items in my Second haul.

On The Fence: This is a pressed powder shade and I have only used it once. It appeared to be much drier than the other two.
Backseat: Another blue shade :-) I have not tried it yet.
Friskie: I got this for my sister. She wanted a black with tons of glitters.
Cusp: This a very green-y green! I have not tried it yet.
Dance Party: Beautyful light purple shade. ON my eyes however, it does not appear as beautiful as I thought it would be.
Cricket: This looks so incredibly complex on photos but it is quite simple bronzy grey type of a shade.

Mama: I got this Ultra Matte Lip for my sister. It is a beautiful wamr orange shade but it is such a dry formula on my lips.

Did you pick anything up?

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