Sunday, May 21, 2017

Products I've Used Up/Empties Vol. 11

I never learn my lesson. Every time I post my empties, I promise myself that next time, I am not going to pile them for months! But eventually I accumulate so many things and it taked forever for me to wrap up talking about all of it! Nonetheless, here are all the products I used up since my last empties post (click here) back in February. I finished up a lot of skincare and quite a few makeup products from my #Finish17in2017 and #100ColorfulEmpties projects. I am quite happy about it :-)

Parachute Coconut Oil: Nothing new here! I go through a huge bottle like this every six months, I use it as overnight mask before washing my hair. It is a must-have for my hair.

Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel: I love a lot of products from PTR but this was nothing special. It is such a huge size; I had a hard time finishing this because I enjoyed some other cleansers more! It was almost near its expiring date so ended up using this as bath gel. Yes, I am frugal like that :-) Will not repurchase.
Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Body Wash: It was a good exfoliating wash, gentle and easy to work with. It had a very faint herbal smell. The bottle freaking huge, it took me a while to use it up. And by the end of it, I really got extremely bored. For that reason alone, I don’t think I will repurchase.
The Body Shop Mango Shower Gel: I am not a huge fan of Body Shop scents but I do like Mango so I happily used up this travel-size but I don’t see myself repurchasing. It was nice while lasted.
Philosophy Purity Cleanser & Amazing Grace Shower Gel: I love both of these products. I got super excited about these perfect travel size bottles. However, they leak and I cann’t use them while I travel via air. I used it up when I took short one-day tours where air travel is not needed. I currently am using full-size products for both of these.
Versace Bright Crystal: I collect these tiny little deluxe perfume bottles; I love to display the empty bottles in different corners if my apartment. I cannot wear heavy perfumes and there are some perfumes that are super heavy and yet I cannot wear them more than 2 days in a row. This is one of them. It lasts at least 6-7 hrs. on me. It is primarily a floral scent but with warmth from amber and musk. I did like it and will collect deluxe samples but not interested in full-size.
Victoria’s Secrets Noir Tease: This is an item from #Finish17by2017 Project Pan and I am glad to get this finished up. I mostly used this during my off days or low key days. Will not repurchase. 
Soap & Glory Hand Food: This is a decent hand cream. It is very moisturizing, takes a little bit of time to absorb. I got a few of these in a set last holiday and I am trying to use them up. I keep them at my work. I am not going to repurchase though.
Caudalie Premier Cru: I got this as GWP from Sephora, I think. But the tube is so deceiving; it looked so big but it was basically empty :-( It was a good moisturizer, like all Caudalie products it also had a beautiful smell.
Loccitane En Province Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Cream: I actually quite enjoyed it. It was a small jar so lasted me only 2-3 weeks but it gave enough moisturization for the entire day! The smell is quite rosy and it did smell like a natural, freshly plucked rose; it reminded me off childhood days when mom would ask us to pluck roses whenever we had some religious ceremony at home. I don’t need to repurchase a moisturizer right now but I will keep this in my “revisit” list! Also, the jar is quite unique, right?
Ahava Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate: This was a tiny little sample bottle, I did like using it but it was not enough amount of product for me to know if I want to purchase full-size.
Korres Golden Krocus Ageless Saffron Elixir Serum: The bottle looked so pretty and the name of the product sounded so lavish and promising, unfortunately it did not do anything for my skin. I used it after washing my face as first step in my skincare routine. It absorbed very quickly, which was great but it actually left my skin feeling very dry and unhappy. I am disappointed.
Clarins Lift-Affine Serum: I actually enjoy using it, obviously this was just 2-3 usage which is not enough for me to judge a skincare product.
Belief The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb: I actually really enjoyed it. I loved the consistency. It was soft, highly moisturizing but not greasy or heavy. It also had some kind of a herbal scent, very faint but it was there. I also love how adorable is this tiny little jar :-) Right now, I have a lot of moisturizer to finish up but in winter I would definitely like to revisit.
Loccitane En Province Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Cream: I actually quite enjoyed it. It was small jar so lasted me only 2-3 weeks but it gave enough moisturization for the entire day! The smell is quite rosy but a natural rose; it reminded me off those childhood days when mom asked us to pluck roses whenever we had some religious ceremony at home. The freshly plucked rose smell! I don’t need to repurchase a moisturizer right now but I will keep this in my “revisit” list! Also, the jar is quite unique, right?
Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate: Naah, I did not like this as much as I was hoping. First of, I hated how it looked; white and slimy. And it takes a bit of time to sink in! Will not repurchase.

Lancome Energie De Vie Smoothing Plumping Pearly Lotion Essence: The consistency of this serum was quite interesting! It looked like a fruit juice when mixed with an oil. (I often eat grapefruit by mashing it with my hand and mixing it with salt and a few mustard oil, the juice definitely looks like that). It smells very refreshing and quite subtle. It also absorbs rather quickly so I did not have to wait for 5 minutes to apply my moisturizer. This is the second ever essence I tried after SKII and I enjoyed it. I realized that essences are much easier for me to use in comparison to serum, especially on daytime because I am always in a hurry. I liked it but I don’t know if I will repurchase, yet.
The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil: This is just a cult favorite product. I, however did not see any benefit to it. It was very weak to use against my hard core acnes. I eventually used it up by putting it in my bath.
CANE + AUSTIN 30% Miracle Pad”+: It tingled a little bit a few minutes after application. My skin felt fresh and clean. I used 3 of these which I feel is not enough to figure out if a skincare product is working or not. Right now, I have quite a few exfoliating type of product that I love, so I am not going to repurchase as of now.
Boscia Clear Complexion Blotting Linens: Love these! This lived in my purse hence the gross bitten up look :-) It absorbs the oil from your skin very quickly and very efficiently.
Boscia Luminizing Black Mask: I fell in love with this mask last October; I took this with me for my trip to India without even trying it. My parents hardly wear sunscreen and they love to work outside in the garden. Obviously, both of them has severe sunburns! I used this mask twice on them within 10-12 days and it worked like a charm. It removed the dirt and impurities and immediately revealed brighter cleaner skin – for both of my parents! My sister loved it too. I also have been using it every other week. I enjoy the peeling action; it is so satisfactory! You have to mindful to use the right amount of product for layering. If the layer is too thin it will not peel off nicely and if its too thick it will take forever to dry! I already have brought a full-size! It gets rid of any whiteheads I may have, it gets rid of some of my facial hair (I have a lot) so my skin look immidiatly brightened and alive. But it does not leave my skin dry. I love that Sephora gives this as Gift with Purchase many many times but I already have repurchased.
Herbivore Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask: I have been using this mask at least once every week and I truly think it has helped clear my acnes to a certain degree. I am going to write a detailed review pretty soon so I would not babble much today. All you need to know is that I already have repurchased.
Farmacy Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask Deep Moisture Cucumber Mask: The mask itself was a bit strange for me, it is felt like a sheet completely made out of gel. It is in fact a gel mask, but it is a weird consistency for me. I lied down using this, but I have coming in terms that I don’t like the feeling of sheet mask on my face. But it sure did hydrate my skin and kept it hydrated for a whole day. The second day I could see dome dry flakes resurface. It is very pricey, so I am not sure if repurchase.
Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels: I got this 4-pack set as a GWP from Ulta and I did like them. I use two of them while rest were used up by my mother and sister. We all enjoyed it. It was very cooling and hydrating. And as someone who is not a big fan of sheet mask, I did actually enjoy them. I will probably repurchase it later on.
Karuna Clarifying Face Mask: These are some expensive and very highly rated sheet masks. I bought a set last holiday set but I still have not start using them. But I got this $5 sale in my JC Penny Sephora and I thought it will be a good opportunity to try out to see if it is really worth the hype. Then, I can plan to use my sheet masks from the set more strategically and save for more important days :-) But, I did like this one. Application was nice, it stayed on nicely and and gave me a very refreshing, somewhat noticeable glow. I liked that. This was an acne mask and I am not a fool to expect complete recovery from my acnes. But for that 5$, I thought I got my moneys worth.
The Estée Edit Dissolve the Drama 2-in-1 Makeup Remover + Cleanser: I had never used an oil cleanser before! Not sure if that’s why I really enjoyed this. As I try more of this kind remover, I would be able to estimate more precisely if it is a REALLY GOOD product. But it did remove the majority of my base product when I used it as the first cleanser. You apply this on dry skin and add water to it. It will turn milkier and when splashed it will remove the makeup! I sure do need to use a face wash as a second cleanse to remove the feel of this oil from the face. 
Bioderma Micellar Water: I have so many thoughts on this. I bought a set with two big bottles and this travel size. I am currently working on one of the big jar but I still cannot decide if it is worth the price tag. Hence, not sure if I will repurchase.
Yes to Cucumber Cleansing Wipes: I am not a fan. It was dry and did very little to remove my makeup! Will not repurchase.
NuFace Prep-n-Glow: I got this as a sample from Sephora. It is a dual sided cloth that claims to cleanse, Exfoliate and hydrate. I find it to be nice for one use. But personally, for me, one use is not enough to decide if I want to repurchase. I will surely scoop up more if they offer it again as sample.
Bvlgari Cleansing Cloth: Honestly, I actually forgot when I used it. But I bought it in a set and I am still trying to use up the little perfume bottle. I take it when I travel, and I have the full size bottle. It is one of my favorite scent. I don’t think I will repurchase wipes though.
Philosophy Amazing Grace Whipped Body Creme: I actually really enjoyed this crème. The scent is beautiful and mild, it absorbed quickly and kept me moisturized (I used this during winter end-spring weather). I can see myself repurchasing this at a later time.
Josie Maron Whipped Argon Oil in Vanila Bean: I actually really enjoyed the formula, it was quite hydrating. It takes a little bit of time to absorb but I think the formula will be excellent in winter. However, I did not enjoy the smell. It was almost like a vanilla ice cream scent and I do not like that on my body.
Ahava Mineral Body Lotion: Another body lotion I really loved using. It has a beautiful perfume, it sunk into the skin very quickly and gave a good amount of hydration. I have a ton of moisturizer to go through but I may repurchase eventually.

As you can see, I finished up a lot of skincare and quite a few makeup products from my #Finish17in2017 and #100ColorfulEmpties projects. I am quite happy about it!

Here are my makeup items :-)

Too-Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in (Medium to Deep): Yay, another product from #Finish17by2017 Project Pan. It was easier to carry around when I am travelling. It’s very matte and the color is not too warm or cool! Great for everyday use, it gave me a very faint hint of warmth and I could really pile it on without risking to look muddy. It fades very gracefully as well! The chocolate smell also does not hurt. There are definitely some other bronzers in my collection that I like more than this but this one is a strong favorite. I already have 2 backup deluxe sizes.
Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Rupture: I got this mini deluxe size in some kind of Gift with Purchase from either Sephora or Ulta. This formula has now been discontinued. I really enjoyed the formula and the shade is extremely wearable but a little unique for a simple work day. I will absolutely miss this in my collection. :-(
Tarte the Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer in Park Ave Princess™: I got this in 2015’s Sephora Favorites Superstars Set. I did not have too much expectation from this but I did actually enjoyed using it, it was a perfect in-between product to act as a bronzer and as well as a contour shade. It gives me just a little bit of shape without being too harsh! I need a very dense but small brush to blend this in. However, will I repurchase? Most probably not right now; I want to finish a few other bronzer or contour product before thinking about repurchasing. It’s creamy, easy to blend out and stayed nicely for 5-6 hrs.
Becca Backlight Priming Filter (Full review here): This is in my Finish17in2017 Project Pan and I am glad I was able to use it up. I love this and I already have another travel size but after that I definitely will repurchase. I mostly enjoyed using it like a moisturizer-type of product in the mornings. It immediately livens up my face and prepares me for blush and bronzer. I don't wear foundation but I love wearing bronzer, blush and highlighter on a day-to-day basis. So this helps me in evening out my skintone. It also smells nice and fresh! Definitely a favorite.
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water: It was a constant favorite throughout last year and it still is. The name has 'water' in it, so it seemed like a gimmicky product at an expensive price at first. Because it was in my Finish17in2017 Project Pan, last 2-3 months I have been using this very regularly. This tiny bottle lasted me a long time. I love how it makes my makeup application appear super smooth, every single time! No matter how carefully I exfoliate, I always end up with a few dry, flaky patches here and there on my face. Before I apply my foundation, I spritz this on my face, especially on the flaky, dry area. If I want to extend the wear time of my makeup, I spritz it again after I am done applying everything :-) My dry skin loves this product :-) I already have bought a full-size!

IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes Mascara: It was an average mascara. And it dried up quickly so overall I am not too impressed. I will not repurchase.
Stila Bronzing Beauty Balm: This little tube lasted me a long time. Loved mixing it with my foundation to apply on the perimeter of my face. It gives me a better color match & adds a bit of Bronzing. Not sure if I will repurchase.
Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer: This is my everyday concealer. I love the consistency, the coverage and I love how easy it is to use even without foundation. I have repurchased and already using it.
Beauty Blender: Absolute LOVE. This is as good as people say it is! Already have a few backups. 

I also managed to finish some samples and to part away with some products that I don't know why I have been keeping for this long. I never use them!

Do you keep track of your empties?

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