Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Marc Jacobs Beauty "O!Mega Bronzer Coconut Perfect Tan" in "104 Tan-Tastic!" ::: Review & Swatches

I totally blame “Trendmood1” for this purchase! I already got the Re(cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist from Marc Jacobs Summer 2017 Collection as a GWP (reviewed here) but I had my eyes on this bronzer from the same collection. Unfortunately, it was out of stock online on Sephora during the VIB Sale! I was already off to bed on the last day of the Sale and while browsing Instagram as my bedtime ritual, I saw Trendmood1 posting update that this came back in stock. The soon-to-be-closed VIB sale and the fear of this being out-of-stock again pressured me & I gave in! Thanks to the technical advances these days, I was able to use Ebates & Sephora App on my mobile to complete my purchase without having to go downstairs to get my credit card.

Trendmood1 is incredibly helpful when you are looking for information on new products but sometimes her account provokes the shopaholic in me.

As you may have already figured out I am talking about Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Bronzer Coconut Perfect Tan in the shade “104 Tan-Tastic!“! Such an unnecessarily confusing name because there is only one shade! (I know they have O!Mega Bronzer Perfect Tan in shade Tantric 102, but the names are just confusing to me). I have the Style Eye-Con No 7 The Siren Eyeshadow Palette in white packaging; it came out 2 summers ago. I love that palette and I am glad that it now has a new friend :-)

Availability: It is a Limited-Edition Palette; that is annoying and sad. And of course, it is all out-of-stock on Marc Jacobs Website and on Sephora. I can still see it on Neiman Marcus. If you really want this bronzer, I recommend you to follow Trendmood1 :-) She will share if it comes back in stock in any of the stores.

The weather here is all kind of overcast, I am sorry about the bad "natural" light
Price & Packaging: We all can agree that Marc Jacobs is a luxury brand. Their products are accompanied with hefty price tag. Except for the Siren Palette (which I bought with the help of a $25 gift card), I have not bought any full-size Marc Jacobs products at full price. This bronzer will cost you $49 for 0.8 oz./25 gm of product. Basically, it’s an ENORMOUS product; it is almost as big as my face :-) Sometimes bigger size packaging can be deceiving size wise, but 0.8 oz. of is a massive amount for a bronzer. It does cost you heavily upfront but here is a quick comparison with other full size bronzers. Needless to say, when you look at the price per oz. value, it is a good deal.  

Full-Size Price (USD)
Total wt. in Full-size product (oz.)
Price per oz. (USD)
NARS/Bronzing Powder
Too Faced/Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer
Hourglass/Ambient® Lighting Bronzer
Givenchy/Healthy Glow & Body Bronzing Powder
Guerlain/Terracotta Bronzing Powder
Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Bronzer Coconut Perfect Tan

As obvious from the pictures, it comes in a handsome white compact with a mighty big mirror. The whole look of the product is quite inviting! I am not someone who falls for pretty packaging, but this one I can appreciate! Its classy with a little bit of edge, the clasp closes nicely and you can clean the compact quite easily! Because of its sheer size, I will not be able to store it in my ByAlegory blush/bronzer organizer but I am ok with it. This might be an issue with some of you.

Like the name suggests, it is scented with coconut fragrance. To me real coconut does not smell like this (I have coconut tree back home in India so I would know) but it is a refreshing smell to experience. 

Shade: In my mind the shade of a bronzer is the single most important attribute of a bronzer. I personally prefer a little bit of sheen on my bronzer but often when I wear a lot of highlighter or lot of shiny products on my eyes, I tend to opt for a matte bronzer. It is a medium brown shade that to me, appears to have cool-undertone. Looking at photos on Instagram, I thought it will be quite light on my skin tone but when I got it last week, it looked dark enough for me to make it work. However, on application, I realized that it appears little bit darker on the pan. The finish is stated to be “radiant matte” and I tend to agree. It is matte but not overly so! It is not overly pigmented as well, that is good thing for bronzer. If I am wearing this on just bare, moisturized skin (which is what I do for everyday work) without any base products, it shows up nicely and gives me a very faint naturally sun-kissed look. If I am wearing foundation it takes a few layers of application to show up. I am almost sure it will not be very useful to me during the peak of summer.

Wear time & Quality: It is a very soft, blend-able powder so applying it is a breeze. I also love the sheer size of the pan; it is very satisfying to swirl my brush around! On my bare face, it stayed around for 7-8 hrs. and same with over foundation.

This was taken after 7 hrs of application on bare, moisturized skin.
I did not wear any blush but I have highlighter on. You can still see the bronzer hanging on! 

To recap, the shade just barely shows up on my face. If your skin tone is lighter than mine this will definitely work. But if it is darker than me, it might not. I am a bit bummed out about that. I wished they released one or two extra shades for all skin tones. That being said, I have to admit that I am wearing it every day since last Saturday and I am enjoying the product and its performance! I am sincerely hoping this will work much better for me during winter. The white packaging gives it more of an elusive feeling to the product and I enjoy that. So, I am not keen on returning it even though the shade is not perfect on me. I feel like my $44.25 is well spent.

In case you are eyeing it, I hope it comes back in stock and you are able to get it :-)


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