Sunday, January 22, 2017

Review and Swatches of "03-Bridal Satin" Eyeshadow Palette from Viseart!!!

Viseart is a professional makeup brand but over the last 2-3 years it has gained immense popularity among the everyday makeup users, not just professional makeup artists. I bought the Dark Matte Palette in late 2015. I love that palette so much that it made its way to my 2016 Beauty Favorites! When Sephora sent me their holiday bonus coupon back in 2015, I researched a lot and took the plunge to invest in the Bridal Satin Palette. Viseart have a few different satin palettes but this one offered me the color range that interested me the most! 

First thing first, let’s just start stating that I don’t love this palette as much as I love my Dark Matte palette! I will explain in a bit.

Price and Availability: These 12 pan palettes from Viseart retails at 80$. With the discount coupon, I paid around 60$ including tax. I still think it is overpriced. Keep in mind that I happily paid that price for the dark matte palette (check detailed review here). These are available in Sephora, Muse Beauty Pro and BeautylishFor your convenience, here is a little price breakdown.


Price and Size
Price per oz. ($)
MAC single pan
10$ for 0.04 oz.
Makeup Geek single pan
$6 for 0.064 oz.
IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Matte Vol. 1 palette
$42 for 0.456 oz.
Urban Decay Naked Original palette
$54 for 12x0.05 oz.
Viseart 12-shade palette
$80 for 0.84 oz.

While keeping the table above in mind, I strongly believe that there are better and affordable shimmer/satin shades available in the market.  If you have your eyes on these Viseart palettes I encourage you to research and decide which palettes will give you the most usage. And then wait for sales like Sephora VIB sale. So, yes find a sale before buying these; specially the satin palettes!

Formula & Wear time: Now we are at the point where I can talk more about why I don't like this as much as their mattes. As you can see on the pan, these powders are very finally milled and super smooth. When I go in with the brush, I feel like they are a bit dry in texture. When I swatch them on my hands using my fingertips, I can feel the dry texture! 

These are pigmented but I do have to layer it to get the application even and opaque up to my liking. It is probably because of the dry texture. Overall, I do feel a bit of discontentment during the process of application. But once I am done with applying my makeup I always end up LOVING the look! It appears soft and smooth every time; very pigmented but not in-your-face! These are not your typical glittery/shimmery eyeshadows; they are deliciously soft and elegant! Of course, the palette is named bridal satin and has shades suitable for all skin tones. The soft sheen in these shades is magnificent for brides as they complement against the beautiful white wedding dress. I am from India and our wedding dresses are dangerously colorful so these shadows aren’t going to flatter those outfits. Anyway, even though I love how the end looks appear beautiful in real life and in photos, I don’t think I enjoy this palette that much! 

Shades: If you have read my long review on the Dark Matte palette, you will know that I love every single shade on that palette. The feeling isn’t the same for this one. This palette has a balanced mixture of warm and cool toned shades. I am going to number these shades as they don’t have individual names. I know for sure that I am not going to get much use out of the first row and the third column! I am not much into cool toned shades and the first row is a bit pale for my skin tone. I do appreciate the rest of the shades though!
  1. Such a gorgeous yellow-toned beige shades. But little too light for me. Same case with 2, 3, 4 as well.
  2. This is a dirty, very pale-blue shade. Not a shade that is best for my skin tone.
  3. This has a strong, dirty baby pink hue to the shade. Beautiful shade but not for me.
  4. This is a soft baby blue shade. I do love this kind of shades but on application, it appears more whiter and less blue than it is on the pan.
  5. Now this is a shade that it not very commonly found. Gorgeous soft tangerine coral shade. Very soft, very pretty.
  6. Another gorgeous everyday taupe shade. This last year I have totally fallen in love with taupe shades (check my 2016 Beauty Favorites post). This might be my new favorite taupe.
  7. I love purple shades too! They are one of my favorite shades to wear on my eyes. This one is a pretty lilac-y purple. I really enjoy it.
  8. This is a grey shade with a cool-toned bluish hint. This is a shade that is just perfect for a classic smokey eye.
  9. Another easy shade for me to wear! It is almost similar shade to my skin tone but with a gold shift to it. Love this shade.
  10. Another favorite. It is a coppery bronze shade.
  11. It is a deeper purple with a maroon-y pink shift to it.
  12. It is a black with soft subtle multicolored speckles.

Overall, I do love these shades! They are such soft, pretty everyday shades. No way unique though, you will probably find similar shades in much more affordable price range. I don’t regret my purchase; like I said, I love the looks I create with this palette but I am not entirely in love with the palette and will not invest in another satin-only palette from Viseart.



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