Monday, August 8, 2016

Rebel Eyes ft. Touch In Sol’s new Metallist Liquid Foil & Glitter Eye Shadow Duo in "Margaret"!!!

Blogging after a long time! I have been so sick past couple of days but let’s not talk about that! Let’s talk about brand new makeup instead :-)

As much as I love bright- bold lipsticks, I equally love bold eye looks! I am not at all skilled at it, but I enjoy playing with colors on my lids. A few days back Sephora started their #TrendingatSephora: #RebelEyes  campaign.” Trending at Sephora” highlights upcoming and currently popular makeup tricks. My absolute favorite has been the #blueeyes trend :-) I love blue eyes (proof here :-)) They were also offering a promo code and I was able to get one of the shades from Touch In Sol’s new Metallist Liquid Foil & Glitter Eye Shadow Duo. I thought I would talk about that today.

Touch in Sol is a Korean Beauty brand and Sephora started to carry it sometime last year. I have only tried “Stretchex Stretch Lash Effect Mascara“ from them. It is a tubing mascara and I absolutely enjoy it. So, when I came across this code, I figured this will be a good product to try.

As I already shared, I got this from Sephora as a Gift with Purchase. It’s a sample set, but Sephora did provide a very generous amount in the set -just look at the glitter pot :-) That is more than what I can ever finish! I am of course, not the best judge on the packaging for the regular size product but it looks very promising. It is actually a double-ended tube containing the liquid on one side and the glitter on the other. The liquid side has a doe-foot applicator and the glitter side has a pedal like applicator. From what I see and read online, it seems super convenient. No more dealing with glittery messy application! Have any of you tried it? Do you like it?

I got the shade “Margaret”. It is described as “champagne” but it actually is more copper than champagne. Nonetheless, it’s a very beautiful shade. The liquid part is very thick and it behaves lie a cream. It applies very quickly and very easily. It has micro mini glitters and is quite reflective on its own. I like wearing it alone during the week. The glitters appear very chunky in the pot but they are quite easy to apply and does not feel chunky on the lids! These are some serious glitters! Very reflective and just the perfect product to wear if you want people to know that you are wearing glitters. Wear time has been really good- every time I have worn this, it has stayed on my lids till the end of the day. There is definitely some fall-out but I like the glitter effect so I can deal with the fall-out. Ha ha!

There are 5 shades in this range – all of them are more or less “neutral” shades! I would love for them to bring out more shades; some fun, colorful ones! Apart from the shade “Eldora”, every other shade is currently out of stock in Sephora. It’s a good sign for a brand new product like this :-) I have a lot of glitter products, but otherwise I would have totally buy the rest of the shades – I am specially interested in “Lottie” and “Edelio”.

Over all, I am really enjoying this little sample :-) The actual product retails for $25, it is definitely a steep price for an eyeshadow product. But, of course I have to keep in mind that there are two product and the packaging is very convenient to use as well as travel with. You can find these here; hopefully they will restock them soon!


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