Monday, August 1, 2016

Monthly Favorites ::: July 2016!!!

July was clearly a month of highlighters and bronzers! It was actually going really good in terms makeup application until I got a scary, BIG big zit right on the center of my left cheek last week! It has not shown any sign of shrinking down yet :-( Anyway, here are my July favorites –

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops: I have this in Sunlight and Candlelight. The formula of these highlighters are unlike any other! It’s a liquid product but very refined and so very easy to mix and use. It’s quite pigmented so yes, blending it is not always the easiest and I do need my “patient pants” on while blending it but I always love, love the outcome. I have a very detailed review and swatches on these here, please have a read. I absolutely love mixing these with my foundation for a beautiful and very subtle glow :-)

Hourglass Ambient Luminous Light Palette, Nordstrom exclusive: Aah, another highlighter type palette! This has a highlighter, a blush and a bronzer. The blush and bronzer will actually be more flattering for skin tones that are a shade or two lighter than me.  On me it looks very subtle! It give me a great feel of "luxury" :-) I totally love it.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner: These are by no means new favorite. They were in fact in my 2015 Beauty Favorites. I have seven shades of these and I religiously use them at least twice or thrice each week. I LOVE these; they apply nicely and have such nice pigmentation. And they don’t budge at all throughout the day! I have a full review here. My VERY favorite shades are – Midnight in Paris, Th(ink), O(vert).

Makeup Geek new eyeshadows in Fashion Addict Tuscan Sun: These are some of Makeup Geek’s not-so-new eyeshadow shades. I bought a few of them and I like all of them but these two shades were my absolute favorite. They are such pretty, soft colors. Very smooth formula, easy to blend and not overly pigmented which I actually prefer for these shades. They work great as crease shades and I also like using it all-over-the-lid.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation: I am not the one, who is overly enthusiastic about foundation or concealers, however this coming October, my sis is getting married and I need to good foundation for all the dozen events during the wedding. I love this formula, it served well during her engagement ceremony. I had a 10% discount code from Sephora and I bought Y415 but it is bit light for me; I cannot find the right shade for the life of me. Right now I am using a mix of Y415 and Y445. No matter the shade, I enjoy the formula. It stays put, does not get too greasy and it is easy to apply quickly.

How was July for you? What are the products that you have been enjoying this month? Do share :-)

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