Wednesday, August 24, 2016

500 point perk from Sephora ::: DARE TO BE BOLD from Make Up For Ever!!!

I was thinking about posting my views on the Multisticks that I got from Bite Beauty. Instead, I am going to talk about a current 500 Point Perk from Sephora that is actually worth talking about :-) If you have 500 point in your account, you might want to keep reading :-)

This is the “Dare To Be Bold” Beauty Insider 500-Point Reward that is currently available on I am putting a lot of emphasis on the availability as these rewards get out of stock very,  very quickly. I got mine from my Local Sephora inside JC Penny.

Let’s talk about the contents! Make Up For Ever is definitely one of my very favorite brands; I really adore the brand as a whole. It is a very professional brand and has such an artistic, edgy and eccentric approach to their products! They have incredible range of shades in each of their products. Almost all of the products seem so professional that it sometimes intimidates me! There are three new products that I have been really wanting to test out (especially the Excessive Lash mascara and Artist Rouge lipsticks), plus this box has a total of 5 products (6 if you consider the HD foundation samples) which is definitely rare for these 500 point perks.

Ultra HD Foundation: After a lot of deliberation, I have zeroed on this foundation to wear during my sister’s wedding events this coming October and I had already bought it in full-size. The sample here comes in a few shades and for the most part, mixing one or two shades, you will surely be able to try it at least once. I love this foundation!

Excessive Lash Mascara: I know that this is what attracted me to this box; however I haven’t opened it yet.  I am going on vacation pretty soon and I am trying not to open it right now. It may dry up you know. I like natural lash looks and I did like their Smokey Extravagant Mascara so I have a feeling that I will like this!

Artist Rouge Mat in M-401: I loved their N9 Natural Rouge Lipstick (I think these are being discontinued or already discontinued and I am so tempted to buy the N9 while it was still available) so naturally I am  very happy to test it out. And red is always my safest as I am yet to try red that looks horrible on me! This is a very soft, kind of creamy formula; it’s quite thin as well so it feels very lightweight on the lips. It is in matte finish. I have tried this two times now. Last weekend, I wore it and completely forgot that I wiped it off to wear the gloss and take picture! And at the back of my head, I was thinking that it did not really last long :-) Silly me! But today, I collected a bit of courage and wore it to my semi-conservative office :-) and I am so happy to report that it lasted the whole day. I applied it around 7 am and it was almost intact till 5 pm without any touchup. It started to dry my lips a bit but I applied a coat of lip balm and it fixed the application immediately. It is bright very neutral true-red!   Also, the packaging is quite fancy looking! :-) Overall, I am pleasantly surprised as to how much I like it!

Artist Plexi-Gloss in 209:  I tried this formula in 202 that I got in one of the Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip set. That was a very pale color so I don’t wear it often. The formula is quite thick but not in a bad way. When first applied it feels a tiny bit heavy and thick on the lips however over time (say 5-10 minutes) it starts to mesh with the skin, and gives a very smooth, fuller look to the lips. It also appears super glossy at first but it fades and looks healthy later on. When I first apply it, I did not like the look or even the feel, however after 20-30 minutes it surprised me! It gave me such a nice moisturized feel to my lips. My only concern is the flyway hair that gets on my lips, then touches my face and leaves streaky tiny lip-gloss marks on my face :-(

Aqua XL Eye Pencil in I-24: I had my eyes on this product for a long, long time. But really how many blue/teal types of eyeliner do I need? I am pretty sure I have at least 4 to 5 eyeliners from different brands. Hence, never tried to buy it in full-size. Anyway, these claim to be waterproof and they are! It may be TMI, but I cried for a solid hour while wearing this, and surprisingly it was still intact for the most part. It got paler at my outer corner and very inner corner and that typically happens with me no matter what eyeliner I use. But it did not move or smudge or make a mess even when I was crying! I am happy with it.

Artist Shadow in I-544: I almost thought I had this shade in one of palette I reviewed here. I don't reach for that palette very often, but I know that they are some great shadows. I-544 is a nice cool pewter shade and I think every skin-tone will be able to pull it off; for me I have been wearing it a lot in my everyday looks! I got the same exact shade in this month’s Play! By Sephora (reviewed here) but that’s okay as I can give one to my sister :-). I like to apply these with my fingertips. It’s in a plastic packaging which is not really ideal, and at some point I will try to depot it! These eyeshadows are very costly individually and this will surely last you quite some time.

Overall, I really like this Point Perk! Like the name suggests it is full of bright, bold colors that are right up my alley! :-) I hope this quick post helps some of you if you are thinking of picking it up while it is still available. Here is a quick link to the Sephora website – Make Up For Ever "Dare To Be Bold"

One more work-day till the weekend for me! Yayyyy!

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