Sunday, August 28, 2016

Brand New Bite Beauty MULTISTICKs - Blondie, Macaroon and Cocoa ::: Review & Swatches!!!

I recently got Bite Beauty’s brand new “Multistick”s in 3 full-size shades complimentary from Influenster; Makeup Gods must be quite happy with me as I had been really itching to try these :-) If you indulge in beauty products but are not familiar with Influenster yet I highly recommend it. It’s really wonderful! I have gotten several other voxboxes from reputed brands, but this was definitely the most generous one.

These multisticks launched just a few days ago exclusively on They retail at a price of $24 each for 0.17 oz. of products, so compared to their Amuse Bouche Lipstick formula you get 0.02 oz. of more products for $2 less. 

Ever since Bite Beauty discontinued their Rouge Crème Lipsticks I have been holding a harmless grudge. That formula was a one of my most favorite lipstick formulas. Even though it is an interesting product I was not really keen on spending my money on lipstick-like product; let’s face it - I have a dangerous number of lipsticks!! But I am beyond happy that I was selected for this VoxBox. Needless to say, my review will be 100% honest. Actually, I have to admit that when I began to use these I approached it with some reservation. Like I said, ever since they discontinued Rouge Crème I have been sad. I also did not really enjoy the Amuse Bosch formula which replaced the former. But after using these for almost 2 weeks now, I have to admit that I have been quite enjoying the formula of these multisticks!

Let’s talk about the formula first and then I will discuss the shades and application! On Bite Beauty website it is stated that they have 35% powder in each bullet and are made to create a soft focus look with a cream-to-powder finish. They are definitely very pigmented, very creamy and super easy to apply. On your lips you will be able to get opaque, even application in just one swipe. Despite being creamy and relatively soft these don’t move or bleed on your lips neither do they become greasy on your cheeks. I have used Blondie and Macaroon both on my lips and cheeks and they have definitely held up decently during my almost 12-hr work day. I will discuss the wear-time in detail in a little bit. The packaging is typical Bite Beauty bullet in grey elegant tubes! They feel quite sturdy.

“WOMEN HAVE ALWAYS USED LIPSTICKS ON EYES AND CHEEKS. I WAS INSPIRED TO DEVELOP A BLENDABLE FORMULA THAT PERFORMED EQUALLY WELL ON LIPS, EYES AND CHEEKS.” - Bite beauty founder Susane Langmuir.  It is very true that man/women have been using lipsticks as blushes for as long as makeup has been a recognizable activity. So, in my mind these are by no means an innovative product. But yes, they took a timeless idea and put it in a convenient packaging. They are designed to use on eyes, lips and cheeks with equal ease and performance. Here’s my thought – these are extremely enticing and user-friendly in theory but it will actually depend on what type of makeup look you like.

Wearing Cocoa on outer V, Blondie on inner lid underneath MUFE I-544, Cocoa as contour shade,
Macaroon as blush and on the Lips
Application on eyes: it was very easy to apply and blend. I even did a look using Blondie on the inner lid and cocoa on the outer V. I loved the final look – it appeared like one of those very chic, high fashion looks. But unfortunately it did not last all day. By 5-6th hour, it creased and did not look nice anymore. I don’t see myself using these on my eyes, especially when I have a long day ahead.

Application on lips: Hands down, my favorite application! Creamy, even, opaque layer in just one swipe. It lasted the entire day, applying lip balm over it around 4-5 pm definitely helped but even without it, my lips do not become overly dry. I am also surprised to see how easy to layer it over or under another lipstick to get a custom shade. I have using Blondie a lot by mixing it with my somewhat dark, unflattering nude shades. I am in LOVE.

Wearing Cocoa as contour shade and on the Lips
Application on cheeks: I have a weak spots for cream products. I find them super easy to apply. I had very dry skin so naturally I found creamy products very useful on my skin. But as I age, my pores are getting quite bigger and I can no longer wear creamy products on my cheeks every single day. But that aside, I do like these. Very easy to blend and offers really good wear-time. I was also able to use Cocoa as my contour shade. I am not really expert in contouring but I was able to get the desired look. The contour did not last as long as the blush though.

Influenster sent 3 shades! When I opened the box for the first time, I was a little bit not-so-happy with the shades. But, now I do really understand why they choose these 3 universal shades – one for pale, one for medium and one for deep skin tones. If I would have personally picked these, I would have selected different shades.

Blondie: It is a nude beige type of a shade. As you can see, it is almost is similar to or lighter than my skin-tone so I thought I would not be able to wear it. I like it as a blush because it gives me just that little bit of color that is perfect for a normal work day. I actually have been wearing this on my lips as layer underneath other shades that are somewhat unflattering on my skin-tone. I love how it makes them wearable.

Macaroon: This definitely is my favorite shade among the three. It’s a very pretty blush pinky/rosey shade. I almost want to call it a coral shade! Anyway, very pretty shade; opaque, excellent on the lips and blendable, great as an everyday blush shade on me as well. I absolutely love it.

Cocoa: This is a cool tone extremely deep brown shade. I respect those men/women who rock these deep vampy shades but I am not cool enough to wear them outside the house yet; may be some day!! I did use it as contour shade on my forehead, cheeks and jawlines. It is a very strong and deep shade so I have to make sure I have blended it enough. I will still continue to use it sparingly but I can see how it can be a very useful shade for deep skin-tone beauties.

So, overall I really like them. Do I really need them though? That will depend on what’s your approach to makeup. If you are a minimalistic with your makeup and don’t like to fuss around with a lot of products in the morning you will definitely enjoy these. But if you are like me and love trying different products, then you are going to get bored using the same products for three different purposes and end up using them just as lipsticks! Personally I am not really thrilled about this being a “multi”sticks! But I will surely keep using them as lipsticks and occasionally as blushes. I love the formula and I think the price is at par with other bite products.

Did you try these? What’s your thought? I am not sure if I want to buy another shade but “Papaya” looks so very flattering for my skin-tone!


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