Saturday, September 3, 2016

Monthly Favorites ::: August '16

August was just a generic month in terms of makeup. May be mainly because of some sporadic but adamant acne in my face :-) (Way to go Aru, what an attractive start to a “favorite” post!)

Anyway, I don’t have any monthly favorite. At the very end of every month, I stand just a few minutes in front of my vanity and grab products that immediately stand out to me. But this month, I did not really come across any product that seemed SPECIAL. Instead I am going to talk about some under-appreciated product in my collection. I don’t know how or why I have never managed to talk about them. It’s time I give them their due credit.

SMASHBOX Be Legendary Lip-gloss in “Pout”: When I bought the Sephora Favorited Give Me Some Lip Set, I was fully aware that this was the only full-size product in that set and it was way too light for my skin tone. I did not even give it a fair try at that time and did not enjoy wearing it alone (obviously). But fast forward a year later, I find myself grabbing for this quite often. I see its extreme usefulness as a layering product. Every time there is a lip shade I cannot quite pull off, I layer this on top and somehow it manages to make them look better. I absolutely love the formula! Very nice, thick-ish but creamy consistency. It is not sticky at all and does not vanish in a hr. I love the shade because it goes on top of anything without leaving any white cast like I initially suspected.

TOO FACED Melted Long Wear Lipstick in Fig: This is a deluxe size tube that I got in “Too Faced Most Loved Set” (reviewed here). I have started to notice that I have begun to squeeze the tube to get the product out. I did not really realize how much I have been using it. It’s somewhat of an unique muted mid-tone purple with a lots of mauve in it, it’s fun but still very wearable on my skin tone. I love the formula. It’s a very comfortable one, easy to apply and I can easily layer as well. Most of the time, it stays for 9-10 hrs. It definitely fades but does not look sad.

JORDANA Easyliner for lips in Sedona Red & Silver Lilac: I have two of these lip liners and I have been using them for quite a while. They are automatic, has nice firm consistency, quite opaque and very friendly to use. As a matter of fact, I have used them on their own. They are so inexpensive as well! It definitely helps in stopping any lipsticks that might bleed. I did not even notice how close of match “Silver Lilac” is to “Fig:-) I think I need a few more :-)  

RMS BEAUTY “Living Luminizer and Buriti Bronzer”: I intend to do a full-on review on these products very soon. I love these. RMS beauty is known as a clean brand! I personally like cream products a lot. This luminizer look very white on the pan but I can very easily wear it on my skin tone. It has great pigmentation and blend-ability. Application is very fast as well which is a blessing for me in the morning. I was not entirely sure of the bronzer shade on me but I love it. It’s almost similar to my VERY favorite bronzer  Bare Minerals First Resort Bronzer but in cream finish and just a hair bit deeper in shade. The application takes a little bit of time as I use my finger to dab it on the perimeter of my face and then use a thick, dense brush (like the TARTE one from the Sephora Favorites set) to blend it. I am also very impressed to see how long these last on me despite being creamy products. I don’t even normally set them with powders.

I am looking forward to September! I think it will be a fun one!

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