Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sample Review & Swatches ::: Buxom Wildly Whipped Lightweight Liquid Lipstick in "Centerfold"

In one of my previous posts about the Hourglass Luminous Light Palette I talked about why I decided to share reviews on Limited Edition products even if they are not available. I also have decided to review “new” products that I have received as sample! I do a lot of online shopping, so I get a quite few GWP (Gift with Purchase) products. Often, it will be something relatively new in the market. Every once in a while I do get complimentary products from Influenster (like this). For the longest time, I did not think about reviewing them mainly because the product would come in deluxe, not-so-sturdy packaging and I assumed without the regular packaging review will look unprofessional! I cannot really offer to buy every single product that every company launches, yet it is super fun to talk about new products. So I finally decided to review newer products eve if I get it in Deluxe or Sample size as Gift with Purchase.

Today I am talking about the Wildly Whipped Liquid Lipstick from Buxom Cosmetics. I was pretty excited about this launch. Buxom is kind of a unique brand; even before all the craze about different formulas (like liquid, metallic and what not) they had some pretty unique lip formulas.  I thought Buxom will be able to put their own spin to this never-dying “liquid lipstick” trend. Last summer, I reviewed 6 shades of the Big, Fat & Sexy lipsticks (see review here & here). My experience with them was 60%-good/40%-bad, so I was a little reluctant to run to the store and buy a full-size. I was very happy to get my hands on this sample to try.

Right of the bet, I have to admit that this is VERY Generous sample. Here are my thoughts:

Packaging: I am so happy to see that the packaging of this is very similar to the actual packaging. It looks gorgeous, sturdy and high end! It has a thin, doe-foot applicator. Works great.

Shade: I got this in the shade “CENTERFOLD”. I absolutely, ABSOLUTELY love this shade. It’s a very light -beige warm nude shade with just a hint of peach. It might be the lightest (/palest) nude in my embarrassingly large lipstick collection that flatters my skin tone. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to find a true nude that does not make me look weird & ghostly. The ones I can wear has to be deeper or has to have some coral or purple mixed in it. I wore this while I was reviewing Makeup geek eyeshadows (reviewed here), and on my Instagram this lipstick got more attention. :-)

Formula: Unfortunately, I did not like the formula 100%. That saddens me because I love the shade so much. The name of the formula itself has the word “whipped” in it and it sure does feel like a whipped, airy mousse. Honestly, it is a little bit weird. It’s thick as well, it does not feel that heavy on the lips but it sure does feel as if there is something on the lips :-( It is not forgiving on dry skin as well. I HAVE to exfoliate before, otherwise it is going to highlights every little line I have on my lips. I know from experience that liquid lipsticks aren’t the BEST when it comes to wrinkly, not-so-young looking lips like mine. There are definitely better products out there. At similar price point, I prefer Kat Von D ones.

Wear-time: It was not consistent. Someday when I don’t indulge in greasy food it lasted a solid 7-8 hrs. But if I have Salad or oily Indian food, it does not survive; not gracefully at least.

Price: A full-size of 0.16 oz. product costs $21. This is average with any other high-end liquid lipsticks. I don’t like the formula so I am not going to purchase a second shade even though there is a shade that I may love.

I will definitely still make this shade work whenever I crave for a pale nude but I am not comfortable in recommending this. If you have nice smooth very healthy lips, it may perform better but I was disappointed. :-(


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