Friday, June 3, 2016

Monthly Favorites ::: May ‘16

May has been a quite a event-less month for me in terms of playing with makeup. I had been very tired from my latest vacation trip in India, then I fell ill; overall I have not been at all interested in playing with makeup this last month. I have not wearing much makeup as well and if I am wearing anything at all, I have been sticking to my old favorites instead of experimenting with new makeup. But nonetheless, here is my most used and most loved products from May.

Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette: Aah! The old and faithful neutral palette! I love this palette so very much, but I have to admit that I don’t reach for it often. And every time I do use it, I fall in love with the eye look I create with it. These colors are very flattering for almost all skin tone. They are pigmented , easy to blend, and have good wear time. There is something in these shades that immediately makes me feel beautiful :-) I don’t like the shade “Sidecar” as it causes a lot of fall-out but I absolutely enjoy the rest of the palette. I have been using this exclusively this month (except for one glamorous look :-)) If you already don’t have this palette, go buy it! You will not regret it.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in “Tipsy”: You may have already noticed in the pictures that I have completely dived in summer colors for my makeup. Tipsy a beautiful coral shade and it’s a “must-have” for me; especially for spring and summer. I do use it occasionally all year around as well. But during summer I gravitate towards this at least twice a week. I absolutely love how flattering it looks on my skin tone. Also, the lasting power of these Amazonian clay blushes is incredible. These blushes are very pigmented but quite easy to blend. I love that about these blushes. 

Bite Beauty Rouge Crème Lipstick in “Cin Cin”: Another spring & summer staple for me. Well, it is a always a staple in my vanity, irrespective of the season! It is a shame that Bite Beauty has already discontinued this amazing line of lipsticks. I love this bright coral shade! Very summery! I love to wear it in opaque layer but this past month I have been dabbing this in a light layer and putting Bare Minerals gloss over top of it. I am so sad that these Rouge Crème lipsticks are already gone from the shelves :-( If you are still interested, read my full review here.

BareMinerals Marvelous Moxi Lip Gloss in “Party Stater”: This is the gloss I was talking about just now. It is a very similar shade as “Cin Cin” and in gloss format. I like the plumping feeling as well. For a gloss it gives me quite few hours of wear. By the way this is a different packaging on the picture as compared to the original tube from Bare Minerals. The original was an awful tube, it caused leakage while being shipped to me and I lost almost half of the products. I had to transfer the product to this gloss tube. Anyway, I do love the product.

Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lipstick in “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”: This has made it to my monthly favorites before as well. If I did not wear “Cin Cin”, I have been wearing this for this month. Read full review here.  It is such a pretty everyday color that looks a bit pink on me. I love the formula; very creamy in texture and yet quite matte in appearance. It is not drying; I can feel my lips remaining comfortable during the day. I love wearing it to work!

Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé in “Watermelon/Moonstone”: There is nothing from Becca that I don’t love. These shimmer soufflés are the perfect summer blush! I love the formula! It’s a cream but not at all sticky. I love that I can wear it on just moisturized skin or on over powder/liquid foundation. These have a strong sheen to them which I totally enjoy. Shade wise it is quite similar to Tipsy but it has a lot of golden sheen to it because of the “moonstone” shimmering skin perfector that’s been mixed in it. I really want to check the other shades in this line but let’s be real, I already have way too many blushes :-)

I hope June will bring some respite for me as far as work is concerned and I get a bit more free time to indulge in blogging :-)

Hope you all have been gearing up for Summer :-)

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