Monday, June 13, 2016

Review & Swatches ::: LORAC Cosmetics Color Source Buildable Blush in "Chroma" and "Infrared"

Like many other things in life, blogging needs practice to make it better, if not perfect! It needs rhythm and because I don’t do this as a profession, it takes a backseat amidst the hustle-bustle of life. As I may have already shared that April was quite the busy month for me as I took a vacation trip to India. Coming back, work has been CRAZY! Amidst all that, I really did not have the vigor and fun approach to discuss makeup. I sincerely apologize for that! But I am back now and hoping to create good, hearty content here :-)

Lorac Cosmetics recently came out with quite a few new products - TANtego Bronzer palette (reviewed here), Light Source Highlighters and the Color Source Buildable Blushes! I have a special weakness for blushes (even though I have 2000 pores on my cheek :-)) and I decided to pick two of these blushes!

They come with 0.14 oz. of products and costs 22$ each! You can buy them from Ulta Beauty, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, Lorac Cosmetics website, and Dermstore etc. The packaging of these blushes is very gorgeous. They have big pans but overall it’s quite compact! I absolutely enjoy the gunmetal packaging! It looks edgy :-) ! Because there is no mirror, so the lid is clear and you can see the color of the blush without opening it! That’s always very convenient! Oh, it also has a magnetic closure.

Peculiar to Lorac, these powders are quite soft as well. And if you have any of their pro products you may already know that they can get powdery! That holds true for these blushes as well. I will discuss the formula and performance with each shade.

Chroma: I paid 12$ for this at Kohl’s as I had $10 Kohl’s cash! Anyway, this is in matte finish (and surprisingly Ulta website says it’s a satin). Chroma is a medium coral-plum shade. Beautiful everyday shade for medium/deep skin tones. It has a neutral, almost cool undertone, so depending on the light it sometimes tends to look ashy on me! However, despite the powdery-ness of the formula, it was quite easy to apply and blend! It did appear quite matte as well and stayed on for a decent 5-6 hrs.
I liked this, but it did not make me fall in love! Also, I had to return a few of the items to Kohl’s for which I got the Kohl’s Cash! Bottom line, I finally decided to return it!  

Infrared: I bought this from Ulta Beauty, when I had a 20% off coupon. Now this is in Satin finish and it has a significant sheen-y finish to it; so much so that you almost don’t need a highlighter with it! I love how glowy, sheen-y it looks as more time passes. Infrared is beautiful muted burgundy shade. I can imagine deep skin beauties rocking these shades. However, based on the inconsistent performance of Infrared, I am very torn as to whether or not to love this shade. I have worn this a few times now, but the performance has not been constant and you can see that in the pictures here! I wore a pore vanishing primer with my regular foundation but it applied so dense on some parts even though I used a very light hand and it was almost impossible to blend! It wore off sooner as well. On a different day, I wore it on my bare, only moisturized skin, and it applied beautifully; blended perfectly and stayed on the whole day! I am quit confused :-| I am going to play more and check back.

I know that many people love these blushes and the brand in general. I love the brand as well. I respect that they offer products that caters to a very wide range of skin tones! But if I look back, personally I have mixed experience with their products. Don’t get me wrong; I love quite a few of their products like their Tantalizer Bronzer; I like the Pro Original palette and I recommend it to every makeup beginner! However I am not emotionally attached to the palette. Almost similar feeling for the blushes as well! You may love them, but for me it has been “absolutely amazing”! It’s not bad but I have had better.


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