Friday, April 30, 2010

Things that Bother me

I am not a environmentalist. I am simple girl,now a service holder who cares for this world. As I start from my home to office daily, few things are there which keeps me concerned n bothered. During the morning rush hour of 8 am to 10 am, I see nos and nos of cars in the busy main road, but its not about the no of cars, its about the passengers in it that bothers me. In every 8 cars out of 10, there are only two passengers, the driver and the person going to office. I understand they have earned the luxury to travel through their own car by dint of their hard work, by owning the capacity of having and maintaining a vehicle. I dont even know what are the carbon emitting scales of these new vehicles on the road. I am not even aware of how much harmful it is to our environment. I just know that these cars with one or two people in them is something that must have been contributing to two dangerous problems- traffic jam and air pollution. I wish someone invent a way to gather at least four to five people and accommodate them in one car for their journey to office. Just hope that something of this sort is implemented soon.

The other thing that sometimes make me feel very depressed is the extensive unnecessary use of paper in my office. I have spend two years in Satyam which was almost a paperless office. Now in a public sector office, the use of paper sometimes breaks my heart. I know, comparing these two offices is not fair because they are of different industry. But still I have seen in my new office unnecessary lots of prints outs are taken. Thinking to find out any way to reduce it. It a govt office and people has been working in a particular manner for year after year, for them a paper or a wastage of paper is not a matter of concern....