Friday, August 9, 2019

Products I've Used Up/Empties Vol. 15

So, here it goes! My last empties post was sometime back in May 2018! Also, I goofed up! I typically save all my empty tubes and bottles but because all the havoc in my life last year, my memories is kind of shit :-) I pictured same bunch of products (with different juxtposition of course) but I just did not want to miss anything.. ha ha! 

Let's talk about the makeup empties first, God knows it takes forever to finish these up!

ILIA BEAUTY Lip Conditioner in Bang Bang: This is called a lip conditioner - a somewhat fancy name for what essentially is a tinted lip balm. Personally, I don't like such balms. I will rather wear full pigment on my lips. But this won my heart! It has such a smooth consistency - keeps my lips moisturized. The shade provides a subtle, easy hint of red. I love layering it over my everyday lip shades like Mac Amorous or to provide an added moisturization middle of the day when I use a long-wearing red lipstick. This thing is pricey, so I will wait for a sale before I repurchase.

MAC Satin Lipstick in Amorous: This is such a great everyday shade for my complexion! For most of 2018, when my life was in havoc, this was the only lipstick I wear - in fact the only makeup item I wore! It is a satin finish I don't find it drying at all. and it stays put all day! Because of the subtlety of the shade, it is also very easy to layer it. I will surely miss it! But, I already have so many other lipsticks that I need to finish, so I am not going to repurchase it just yet.

URBAN DECAY Perversion Mascara: I have said this before that I am not too picky about mascaras. But I love this one, I think this is my third tube! I always get this in travel size :-) I can see myself repurchasing it. Also, Sephora & Ulta often includes this in travel size as Gift with Purchase.

ESSENCE Super Fine Eyeliner: Honestly, I dont remember much about it! It has a bigger than normal felt tip liner, but if you enjoy a bold winged liner, this was nice to use. I finished it long ago and don't really remember much else though!
Here are the other skincare products!

ULTA Juice Infused Lip Oil: This was one gift with purchase, I think. I actually really enjoyed it as a lip oil/moisturizer. The effect does not last very long but I used it a lot during winter. I am not sure if I will repurchase though!

NIVEA A Kiss of Smoothness: This is one of the best lip balm that money can buy. I am on the last tube from my backup drawyer and I do need to repurchase.

HAIR FOOD Volume Shampoo (Kiwi & Exotic Fig) & Volume Conditioner (Kiwi & Exotic Food): I got these from Influenster in one of their voxboxes and I absolutely loved using it. I have thick, coarse but frizzy long hair! This was gentle, very effective and it had a very lovely smell. O loved it so much that I eventually bought the Honey & Apricot version. And I love that one too! I will definitely repurchase the shampoo. I like using the conditioner also, but I am not sure if it is the best conditioner I have ever used. Also, these are also quite inexpensive.

CHRISTOPHE ROBIN Masque Regenerant: This is a hair mask and I was not that big of a fan. It had a strong smell to it. Although it did an ok job of conditioning my hair, I could not get over the smell.

BRIOGEO Scalp Revival Micr0-exfoliating Shampoo: This shampoo has managed to build a following in the beauty community. This is a very small tube to build a opinion for me. I think I was only able to get 2 usage for my hair. I do have a lot of dandruff and honestly, I do not remember if I liked this or not. I will be willing to test out another sample product but right now I am not interested in purchasing the full size right now.

VERB Hydrating Mask: It was big tube to finish off. It was ok I think, it wasn't great though! I also did not like the smell that much! I don't think I will repurchase.

MACADAMIA Professional Nourishing Moisture Masque: One of my absolute favorite mask. It is very efficient in providing conditioning and moisturization to damaged, dull hair! This is probably my 3rd bottle and I definitely repurchase.

HIMALIYA Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream: This is actually my mom's! I don't know why I am still hanging onto it. She finished it back in 2017 when she and my dad visited me! :)

ATELIER COLOGNE Bergamote Soleil: Aah, I love this niche brand of purfume, they have very intersting approach to fragrances! This one must be one of my favorite fragrance they offer - a little lemon-y and very refreshing. I am not great at describing scents. It also last quite a while. Also, look at the petite size, it is so easy to carry around while travelling.

GUCCI Guilty: I enjoyed the staying power of this one but the scent is not my favorite. I was very indifferent towards it.

VINCE CAMUTO Perfume: I could not figure out the exact name for this perfume. But it was a bit too strong for me. The bottle is cute though!

ALGENIST Genius Anti-Aging Melting Cleanser: First of all, how clever is the packaging. It shows marker/scale so that you can keep a track of your usage! Works out great if you are a blogger/instagrammer and you love to keep track of your empties or you participate in Project Pan. Anyway, I was not that big of fan. It worked but nothing special aboutit. Also, there is a weird film after using this which take forever to wash off!

HIMALIYA Neem Face Wash: This is one of the product from back home that I still use occasionally. I will pick it up once in a while when I go home. It is gentle cleanser; perfect for washing off simple, everyday looks.

BOSCIA Tsubaki Beauty Oil: Another product from Boscia that I absolutely enjoyed. I think I need something like for my super dry winter skin! The best part is that you only 2-3 drops for each use and it absorbs almost immidiately. I will probably repurchase it for next winter.

BOSCIA Cool Blue Hydration Essence: I enjoyed using this essence so very much! I think I prefer essences over serums. This one true to its name! It provided absolute hydration and it also absorved so quickly - I did not have to wait 5 minutes before going in with my moisturizer! But it is sad that it is now apparently discontinued! I am very sad about it.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence: This is an old school favorite essence for me. When my skin goes absolutely haywire, and is riddled with acnes and everything else - I use this exclusively with may be just a moisturizer! I love this essence and I will continue to repurchase it.

ORIGINS Ginzeng Energy-boosting Moisturizer: This is one of my ABSOLUTELY favorite moisturizer. It has a thin gel-like consistency which is PERFECT for my dry skin which has is also acne-prone. I love the smell of this as well. I have gone through at least 4-5 tubs and I can definitely see myself repurchasing.

JOSIE MARAN Nirvana Hydrating Treatment Mist: First of all, how stunning is this bottle? I finished it quite some time ago, so I honestly don't remember if I enjoyed or hated it. I definitely did not hate it. But I probably did not like it enough to to buy the full size.

ERBORIAN Ginseng Milk: I was using this when the weather was getting a bit too hot to handle. Absolutely love it for that time. It is very moisturizing but also very light! It will not be best for winter but I would love to use it during summer again!

MILK MAKEUP Hydrating Oil Stick: Absolutely adored this product. This winter was stressful for me. Between very hectic work schedule, preparing for my Professional Engineering Exam and a very hectic India Trip, this saved me a lot. It is so very easy to use - very fuss free! And it is quite hydrating and less oily. It takes a few minutes to completely absorb it but I like that during the extreme cold months!

PETER THOMAS ROTH Max Sheer All Day Moisture Defense Lotion: I absolutely love this sunscreen. It was very light on my skin and it did not disturb the makeup over it. It has a pump which is always a blessing. I have gone through at least 2-3 tubes so I think I will eventually repurchase again!

COVERFX sunscreen: I did not finish it and I did not care for it.

MURAD Nutrient-Charged Water Gel: I did like using it but I have a fear that it started to break me out. So, I would not think of repurchasing.

FRESH Rose Face Mask: This is very favorite mask of mine. It is always in my routine and I have gone through many tubs of it. It is very hydrating and it does not break me out at all! I am currently trying to use up a big ol' tub of this :-) and I will probably repurchase once I finish that. 

H2O Plus AquaDefense Protective Matcha Facial Moisturizer: I have no idea why the product names have started to get longer and longer. But I actually did like using it, however I don't remember liking it eonough to try it again. I have other moisturizers that I like more.

FARMACY Sleep Tight Firming Night Balm: I am not sure if this is firming or not, I liked the hoisturization it provided. This is a sample size which comes quite regularly in Sephora gift sets. So, no need to buy another one right now.

OLE HENRIKSEN Sheer Transformation Perfecting MoisturizeR: Another moisturizer that enjoyed but I have other moisturizers that I like more.

FIRST AID BEAUTY Coconut Water Cream: My skin typically does not like any of First Aid Beauty product. This was different. I liked using it and surprizing it did not break-out my now-sensitive skin. But again, I have other moisturizers that I like more.

PHILOSPHY Amazing Grace Whipped Body Creme: I do enjoy this crème. Somehow, I end up collecting sample sizes of it. So, yes I will continue to use it.

PHILOSPHY Amazing Grace Shower Gel: Another definite love! I typically have one back up in my vanity.

HERBIVORE Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask: This is my second tub. And I will surely repurchase. I love the resurfacing/muldly exfoliating properties of it. It is really effective in curbing my acnes to some extent. Big love!

PHILOSOPHY Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser: This is my very first favorite cleanser. I have discovered some other ones that I enjoy as well, but I still do love using it in my rotation. It is simple, gets rid of the left-over makeup! .

BVLGARI Body Lotion: cute bottle, good enough moisturization. Nothing more to it.

NEUTROGENA Body Oil Light Sesame Formula: This is one of my HOLY-GRAIL products. I cannot do without this oil, especially during the winter! And when winter lasts 8 months in a year, it's a savior :-) I have gone through many, many bottles of these and I need to repurchase before winter is here! You know it is just around the corner.

SHEAMOISTURE Massage Oil Fruit Fusion: I love body oils; my dry as desert just soaks it up. I love the Neutrogena body oil but I have been using that one for a long time so it gets boring. Hence I tried to venture out. I did like using it. It is quite heavy in texture and does not soak up that quickly. But I did enjoy it. I would only use it after a night-time bath! Will I repurchase? May be not... I will rather try something new!

KORRES Body Butter Japanese Rose: I absolutely loved the pline of body butters from Korres. It is very moisturizing, easy to apply and sinks into the skin so quickly. I still love the Jasmine scent more but this was also nice. The smell of Jasmine is quite subtle but oh-so-lovely! I have one other body butters from Korres in my backup shelf but I would definitely repurchase in the future. Also, it is not so difficult to find gift sets of these so I will buy them in sets; otherwise it can get a bit expensive

JOSIE MARAN Whipped Argon Oil in Sweet Citron: I dont really understand why this is called an oil, it has the texture of a moisturizer. I finished it in 2018 summer and honestly don't remember whether I liked it or not!

H2O+ BEAUTY Eucalyptus & Aloe Body Wash: Loved this body wash! Gets the work done and smells nice as well. But I love experimenting with body washes and I am already to the new one!

ROSEBUD PERFUME Co. Rosebud Salve: One of my very favorite lip balms. And the tube is huge. I had to transfer into smaller pots very daily use. It lasted me a VERY long time! Also, very very good for overnight use. I apply a thick coat and it saves me from all the winter chaffing and blistering. I am already missing it from my routine! Definitely need to repurchase - soon!