Friday, December 24, 2021

Viseart Holiday 2021 ::: Paris Etoile Palette Review & Swatches!

Talking about the Paris Etoile Petit Pro Palette from Viseart's Holiday Collection this year!

Full disclosure: Viseart gifted me this palette along with their other Holiday palettes but with no obligation to post!

Viseart describes this palette as a constellation of smokey cool midnight mattes and cosmically lustrous shimmers to celebrate the eternal beauty of Parisian jazz clubs and luminous, opalescent shimmers. I don't gravitate towards cooler toned palette so the color scheme of the palette is quite uncommon within my collection. I probably would have shades individually among ALL of my palettes, but as a palette it is unique and I really love that. May be suddenly my life will change and I would go onto some wonderful parties where I will get to sport these uber cool smokey looks and then this palette will be my best friend 😍. 

Over the past few years, Viseart has been curating palettes in different formats which are more approachable by general consumer compared to their original lines that were primarily created for Makeup Artists and Professionals. This particular one is on the smaller side with 8 shades and they call it Petit Pro. 

Just looking at the palette you can see, all the shades here are quite contrasting! You have some very deep mattes, along with some deeper shimmers and on the other hand you have two beautiful beige-y pinky shimmers. I am not someone who gets drawn in to this color scheme, but as of now I am really loving the whole vibe of this palette! I will see if the love stays in the coming weeks.  

Formula: I think at this point I am repeating myself, but I really love Viseart's formula. I adore their matte shadows - they are so easy to work with. This palette has a deep grey, a deep midnight blue and a deep grey-purple in matte formula. These are not the easy colors to use when they are in matte formula, so my recommendation is to slowly build it up rather than going on strong in the beginning. I still do find them quite easy to use, blend and place strategically. I have used this palette two-three times, and I am really impressed with Montmartre and Choisy.  I often overlook their shimmers because I am just so mesmerized by their mattes. But the shimmers here are beautiful as well. 

Color: I already talked about the colors but let's take a closer look!

Fontaine - Described as pink champagne with a shimmer finish. So shimmery - I love it.  .

Vavin - Described as light beige with a matte finish. Hmm, a tad bit disappointed. I don't really need another beige matte. I think we have had enough of those. I would have preferred at least a few shades deeper. I think that would have been more universally useful. 

Raspail - Described as bitter charcoal grey with a matte finish. I don't feel any interest in this type of color but man, this is such a necessary color in this palette. I feel like you will need to use this in some capacity or other no matter what type of look you are going to create.   

Fleurus - Described as midtone eggplant purple with a shimmer finish. What a gorgeous shade! In this look below, this is the main shade that makes the whole look. It has such a beautiful deep black purple base topped with various sparkles. Hands down my favorite shade in this palette 😍.

Montmartre - Described as steel french blue with a matte finish. Another one of my favorite shades! It is so good! I have used it as blending shade 2-3 times till now and aha, it is so easy to work with. 

Choisy - Described as smoked blackberry with a matte finish. Beautiful shade! Love how subtly colorful it is. Mixed with Fleurus creates the most beautiful purple smokey eyes. 

Montparnasse - Described as crystalline lilac with a metallic shimmer finish. This has a much cooler vibe than Fontaine even though they may appear similar. So sparkly! Beautiful as a inner corner highlight. I am dying to try it on my lid for my next look.

Mouffetard - Described as midtone eggplant purple with a shimmer finish. Very beautiful shade and the most essential shade that gives the whole palette that smokey vibe. Love it. 

Staying Power: I always use eye primer with my eye looks. But I love their formula - it has great staying power. It stays put till I remove at night when I wash my face.

Packaging: I love these petit pro palettes, I have one from before and they are so good when it comes to travelling. And the outer packaging with tiny stars and moons with steel blue color and Paris skyline is so good. Their palettes now has mostly removable magnetic pans which are amazing in case you want to create custom color schemes. I really love that about their newer packaging styles.

Price & Availability: This palette will cost you $30 at full price for a total of 8 gram or 0.28 oz. But this is holiday season so I am quite sure you will get some discount or other. Also it is very easy to find Viseart these days; they retail at their own website (Viseart), BeautylishCamera Ready Cosmetics, and Muse Beauty Pro.

Here is a look I created using only this palette so far, I have used it with their Lapis palette which created a beautiful look and I am sure I will play with it more and have more fun.

Lastly some video swatches! Such pretty shades!

Did you pick up any palette from this holiday collection?



Saturday, December 18, 2021

Viseart Holiday 2021 ::: Bijouxette Etendu Palette Review & Swatches!

Talking about the Bijouxette Palette from Viseart's Holiday Collection this year!

Full disclosure: Viseart gifted me this palette along with their other Holiday palettes but with no obligation to post!

If you are a makeup lover who ended up here from my Instagram, you already know that I absolutely adore Viseart Eyeshadows. The first palette I ever tried from them was the 12-pan Dark Matte palette and I have been a fan ever since. 

Over the past few years, Viseart has been curating palettes in different formats which are more approachable by general consumer compared to their original lines that were primarily created for Makeup Artists and Professionals. And out of this year's holiday collection with all different types of palettes, I have to say that Bijuoxette has my heart! I was planning to purchase it on my own actually.

First, look at the color scheme! Isn't it the most comprehensive colorful palette!? I mean you got 4 perfect mattes, I feel like this is a great array of mattes that can be very useful for all different types of skin-tone. Then you got 2 beautiful golden shimmer shades that will definitely please you if you are a neutral lover. And lastly, beautiful colorful shades! I am very big fan of colors - the  greens & blues, the deep garnet and purples and also that beautiful orange! I think, I think, I think this palette was made for me! 

Formula: Before I had this holiday collection, I already had 6 palettes from Viseart. So that should already tell you how much I love their formula. I adore their matte shadows - they are so easy to work with. I can blend their mattes with ease, I can place them strategically without getting muddy, I can mix them with lighter or darker shades to make them deeper or brighter. Even with deeper mattes like blue or dark green, I find them comparatively much easier to work with than some other brands. And because their mattes get more love from me, I don't pay much attention to their shimmers 😄! But they are also such a joy to work with. They are opaque, very shiny and almost minimum to no fall-out. I prefer using them with my fingertips than using with a brush.

Color: I already talked about the colors but let's take a closer look!

Nouveau - Described as base or midtone beige taupe hue with a matte finish. I don't the see, but it is a beautiful shade that I can use as a brow-bone highlighter. If you have lighter skin-tone than me, this will be good crease shade for you.

Ruby - Described as warm wine tone with a matte finish. I love this type of deep maroon-y shade. A perfect crease shade for me for warm looks- neutral or colorful!

Carnelian - Described as Demi-matte pumpkin orange with flecks of reflectivity. I don't particularly care for this type of finish, I feel like the speckles are useless because when I use the shades on my eyes, I lose the speckles. But I love the color. I can see myself using this shade as a matte shade.

Scandalous - Described as teal metallic duochrome. Such a gorgeous shade! I love it. It is not entirely blue or green which means it goes seamlessly with either blue or green looks. I know I am going to grab for this color so very much 😍.

Speakeasy - Described as burnt dark chocolate with a matte finish. I love this shade! It is so good! I can use it as a crease shade or to deepen up my outer corner area.

Prohibition - Described as antiqued gold with a demi-duochromatic metallic finish. Beautiful shade but it is a typical shade so I don't necessarily feel any extra pull for this shade!

Sidecar - Described as warm midtone toffee with a matte finish. Woohoo! Another matte shade I absolutely adore. It is the perfect crease shade for me. And I think it is a shade that every person (irrespective of their skin-tone) can find great use for.

Sequins - Described as midtone golden amber with a metallic finish. VERY gold, I love this shade. Again it is a somewhat of a common shade, but I do appreciate a good gold shade! Very metallic, very opaque, very beautiful.

Deco - Described as raspberry with a metallic finish. Beautiful warm deep pinkish maroon shade. It is very red leaning which is somewhat uncommon within my collection. I will definitely use this shade a lot.

Cubism - Described as sapphire blue with a demi-duochromatic metallic finish. Oooooh, I absolutely love this shade. And I do see a very light pink duochrome over the sapphire blue. I used Scandalous, Cubism and Jade together in one of my look, and I loved the was such a good blue eye look. 

Jade - Described as majestic green with a metallic finish and majestic right! This is a shade that goes so well with so many different shades. I can already, this is going to be one of my favorite shades from the palette.

Velveteen - Described as midtone purple with a demi-matte duochromatic metallic finish. Another one with a very light hue duochrome. Love it!  

Staying Power: I always use eye primer with my eye looks. But I love their formula - it has great staying power. It stays put till I remove at night when I wash my face.

Packaging: This is their Ettendu palette so it follows a typical sizing, I love the green festive outer cover too! Their palettes now has mostly removable magnetic pans which are amazing in case you want to create custom color schemes. I really love that about their newer packaging styles.

Price & Availability: This palette will cost you $44 at full price for a total of 18 gram or 0.63 oz. But this is holiday season so I am quite sure you will get some discount or other. Also it is very easy to find Viseart these days; they retail at their own website (Viseart), BeautylishCamera Ready Cosmetics, and Muse Beauty Pro.

Here are the 3 looks I created using only this palette so far, I am sure I will play with it more and have more fun.

Lastly some video swatches! Such pretty shades!

Did you pick up any palette from this holiday collection?



Thursday, November 25, 2021

KEVYN AUCOIN Glass Glow Face ::: Review & Swatches!!

Talking about Kevyn Aucoin Glass Glow Face today. The shade I have is Prism Rose.

Back in 2020, I got a sample foil card of this highlighter with 3 shades – Crystal Clear, Prism Rose and Spectrum Bronze. I travelled with that little card and it was perfect for my 5-day trip to Sri Lanka (Read my travel experience here). It impressed me so much that I really wanted to get it in full size. After a lot of researching and a lot of waiting, I found a deal in October (of 2020) in Beautylish and finally got my hands on the full-size for the shade Prism Rose. After using it for one full year I am still impressed and happy with my purchase.

Their website describes this highlighter as an universal and unique gloss highlighter for both face and body for a youthful looking hydrated skin with a glassy complexion. I haven’t used it on my body yet but for the face, it definitely gives me the glassy glow & I love it.

Formula: The formulation of the product is definitely a tad bit unique. It is not a liquid but definitely like a liquid balm. You need just a LITTLE bit of product. I use my finger tips to apply the product and blend it using my fingertips. If I feel I need to get a more natural look, I will use a beauty blender. My skin is very dry and with each passing year, I have started to realize that powder highlighters have the possibility to look a little bit forceful on my skin. I have definitely started to prefer creams heavily over powder highlighters.

And I definitely love this formula, it could feel a little bit sticky when you first squeeze it out but I don’t really find that to be a problem. It applies very easily, blends very easily and the stickiness does not really linger.

Color: There are total of 6 shades in this formula. I liked the clear one but at times it could look a bit ashy on my skin-tone. The other shade I tried was Spectrum Bronze – very pretty shade but somewhat darker on my skin-tone. So, I chose Prism Rose for my full size and I am so glad I did. It is a very pretty rosy type of shade with bronzy-tone hues. It has neutral undertone so it can be very easily used with cool or warm toned makeup looks. I can use it when I want a simple basic look or with ultra glamorous one. I am very happy with my shade selection.

Staying Power: Ok so, for makeup looks to stay-at-home this has the perfect staying power. I have worn it with looks for full content days (you know, days involving outfit changes and dance reels) and it stays put – so I really cannot complain. Because the product looks so natural, even if it fades it still look pretty. But I have not used it for a full outdoor activity day, so!

Packaging: This comes in a squeezy tube. It’s a big tube so not quite sure how easy it is to travel with. The cap also can be loose and keep reopening. However, for everyday storage that’s not a problem.

Price & Availability: The full size contains 1 fl. oz. with a price tag of $32. That’s a lot of highlighter! $32 seems like a hefty price tag but I feel like price/unit is reasonable. But that’s my personal thought. I bought it at half price – so I am definitely getting full worth the money I spent.

Here are some looks where I used the highlighter!

Overall, I am thoroughly enjoying this product. It looks natural, glamorous and for the last few months, I am definitely picking it over my other highlighters.



Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Products I've Used Up/Empties Vol. 25

Alright, time for another set of empties. I have not been wearing a lot of makeup these days but I am glad that I am still being able to finish up products.

I typically talk about empty products one by one but I am lazy this time around plus most of the items from this bunch are my regular go-to products. So no point in talking about them separately.

Out of all these items, I absolutely loved @pravana Hair Oil and @hairfood Repair Shampoo. I want especially repurchase the Hair Oil and @hairfood Repair Shampoo but I have not really figured out where to buy them from yet! I loved the @playa California Salt Shampoo as well. @freshbeauty Sugar Lemon Body Lotion was absolutely lovely but also expensive so I don't plan to repurchase it right away! May be some day! The @olehenriksen products are my go to especially in summer!

That's all for today,



Thursday, September 9, 2021

Viseart Editorial Brights Eye Shadow Palette ::: Review & Shadows!!!

Today, I am talking about Viseart Editorial Brights palette!

I actually do not think I really need to specifically talk about it! If you follow me on Instagram (find me here) you may already know how much I adore this palette. I got it sometime last year and I have been using it in a lot of looks. And of course have been talking about the palette on my IG posts non-stop!

I love vibrant colors and I have desired this palette for a long time. And I knew that I will love it. But it is definitely becoming one of the most loved products in my makeup collection! If a materialistic item could make me TRUELY happy, this palette would be among the top five item in my life; I know it is a dramatic statement but I am only expressing my feelings. 

Onto the review -

Color Story: This is one of the very classic palettes offered by Viseart! As the name suggests, it is full of vivid colors - pinks, reds, blues, greens and purples. And there is also a white which is quite convenient cause you can mix white with the other colors to create pastel versions of the colorful shades. One thing that bugs me a little bit is how the colors are arranged (they seem random to my eyes) but these are removable pans so you can easily interchange and arrange them per your choice. Let's talk about the colors one by one -

White: Beautiful white shade, it shows up on my olive Indian skin-tone. It also mixes well with other shades so definitely a very useful shade in the palette. 

Pink: Beautiful vivid pink, very easy to work with as well. Pinks are not my go to choice for colors, but I do love using this one.

Red: Great red shade - easy to work with as well. My complaint with this one is that once you start blending this, it tends to turn into more of dark pink than red! It is still a great shadow to work with but I just hoped it would be more of a true red, may be more blue leaning then pink!

Lime Green: This is such a pretty lime green shade! Very comfortable to work with as well. 

Orange: This is a very bright, very coral type of orange. It is one of my fav colors in general to experiment with! So I of course, love it.

Magenta: This is the color in the palette that I don't gravitate towards much. It does not appear too different than the red and the purple. I mean, it works perfectly fine but it is not that interesting to me.

Bright Green: Another beautiful green. I expect this type of color to be a little difficult to work with but the one in this palette does not give me any difficulty with blending or while placing it strategically in a definite spot on my eyelid!

Yellow: Aah, this is one of my MOST favorite shades in this palette. It is such a happy yellow. And the great thing is that, it shows up as vibrant against my skin-tone as it appears on the pan. Using this color just makes me happy. 90% of time when I am using this palette, I invariably end up using this shade.

Purple: Another one of my MOST favorite shades. It is so vibrant and so easy to work with. I just simply love to use this color.

Sea Blue: I would have loved to have a little more sky blue type of a shade. This shade looks like the mixture of the Bright Green and the next blue. It also sometimes gives me a little bit of difficulty from time to time when I try to blend it. I can sometimes see harsh edges which gets a bit difficult to blend. So, I don't use this a whole lot.

Bright Blue: In general, blue is one of my favorite colors to wear on my eyes. So I was definitely harboring a lot of expectation from the blues in this palette. But these blues were not as perfect as I hoped them to be. This one also creates a bit difficulty from time to time while blending, and I can see harsh edges sometimes which is a little bit annoying. They are not bad at all, but my Viseart standard I would have wanted them to be just a little bit more smooth and easy to get a seamless to blend.

Dark Blue: Same experience as the other two blues. It also feels a little bit rough on the skin than the rest, I feel it when I swatch it but on the eyes it is not that detectable. I love this color though.

I know I am complaining about the blues, but I am only complaining because I love Viseart mattes and I am kind of spoiled by that. So by that standard, these blues could have been a bit more smoother. But I do know that they are much better than some other blue matte shades I have in my collection from different brands.

Formula and Staying Power: I love Viseart! And I just LOOOOVE their mattes. They are so easy to work with; needs very little effort in blending and depending on the force and pressure I am using on my brush, I can get different depths of the same color. Typically, I will need a lot of time doing this with other brand's shadows but for Viseart the effort required is much much minimal. I also love the  staying power. I do use primer every time I work with any eyeshadow. And these stays on all day. 

Packaging: As you can see, the packaging of Viseart 12-pan regular size palette has a minimalistic industrial look. I find it very neat. The packaging is made of sturdy plastic material. There is no mirror and the lid is clear which makes it easier to see the shades inside. It makes complete sense because these were built compact and easy-to-work-with in a professional environment for makeup artists. A mirror would have come in handy for an everyday user like me but I actually absolutely love this no-nonsense type of packaging. Their newer packaging are much thinner and the pans are removable which makes it even more flexible. I can interchange this with my other Viseart palettes which will come in handy to build custom color stories when I am travelling. 

Price & Availability: These 12-pan regular size palettes by Viseart is priced at $80. It is an expensive palette but for me personally it is totally worth it. I also bought it directly from Viseart during their Labor Day sale so I got it at a discounted price. I would definitely recommend to wait for some good sale. You can buy the palette from ViseartSephora (currently unavailable), Muse Beauty ProBeautylishCamera Ready Cosmetics and Frends Beauty.

Here are some of the looks I created using this palette. What do you think?

I am ABSOLUTELY in love with this palette! After using it for more than a year now, I know that I will be constantly using and loving it for days to come :-)



Sunday, June 13, 2021

Products I've Used Up/Empties Vol. 24

 Alright, another set of empties:

FRESH BEAUTY Rose Face Mask: This is my holy grain hydrating mask. I already have a back-up.

HERBIVORE Blue Tansy Mask: Another holy grain mask for clearing up my skin. I love it and use it 3-4 times a month. Already got an back-up.

HERBIVORE Prism Exfoliating Glow Serum: An AHA serum that I was looking forward to use it but I did not really like it that much. Will not repurchase. 

STRIVECTIN Super-C Retinol Brighten & Correct Vitamin C Serum: I got this in in an Influenster Vox Box and I definitely liked it. It is a bit strong so first few days/weeks I saw some purging but overall it was starting to clear up my skin - however it is too pricey and if I use this I cannot use my AHA mask without proper scheduling and I don't enjoy that. Also it is expensive. So I will not repurchase.

BOTA 37 MG CBD Calming and Distressing Nightly Face Cream: My first skincare item with CBD, and surprise, I didn't see or notice anything new or different than normal face cream. Will not repurchase.

SK-II Moisturizing Cream: Samples that I thoroughly enjoyed but it is too expensive so I would not repurchase.

KIELS Ultra Facial Cream: It was a sample and I love using these. But I am not going to repurchase in full size.

ESTEE LAUDER Advanced Night Repair: Another product that I don't repurchase but I like to use it if I get it as a sample.

BELIEF the True Cream Aqua Bomb: Another sample that I love, I do not need to buy new moisturizers but I can see myself repurchasing it at some point.

TOCCA Hand Cream - Simone: I love these. But I don't need any new hand cream right now :-)

BORO PLUS Antiseptic Cream: It is a holy grail multi-purpose cream for me. Comes all the way from India.

RITUAL Ritual of Sakura Foaming Shower Gel: I do not enjoy foaming shower gels all that much but this scent was very enjoyable. I will not repurchase.

CAUDALIE Make-up Removing Cleansing Gel: Did the job. Will not repurchase,  

SMASHBOX Primer Water: It was one of my must-have makeup items especially for my dry skin in winter. I apply it before applying foundation and helps me keep my skin hydrated and fight with the dry skin. I have a travel size right now but I will definitely repurchase for the next winter.

MAK UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Foundation in Y415: My holy-grail foundation. I love the medium coverage. I love the long staying power and I love the subtle dewiness it provides me. And I love the shade on me! All in all a perfect match for my dry skin and my mind that doesn't like to wear full coverage product. I have a few other foundations that I am trying to use up but I am definitely missing this foundation. Someday I will repurchase, that is for sure.

CLINIQUE Coconut Pop Lip Gloss: I liked it and I almost used it as a lip balm during winter. But I do not believe in repurchasing a lip-gloss, life is too short for that.

LAURA MERCIER Tulip Lip Gloss: This is half empty. It has been in my take-to-work bag for 3-4 years now - time to throw it out. I definitely enjoyed it for the time I used it.

BENEFIT the Porefessional: These pore filling primers work for me so if I get a sample I use it :-) 

BURBARRY Perfume: Loved it, used it up and now would not think about it again.

Define Me Fragrance in Clara, Audrey, Harper, Sofia Isabel: I liked Sofia Isabel, and Clara. Audrey is too strong and Harper is too sweet. They also do not last very long on my skin-tone. I will not repurchase.

That's all for today!



Sunday, June 6, 2021

Quick thoughts on Influenster #SpringRefreshVoxBox

I got a few items from Influenster in their #SpringRefreshVoxBox campaign and I thought I will quickly share my thoughts on the items. Please note that these items were sent to me for review purpose only.

Playa California Salt Shampoo & Healing Hair Masque: I have already used both the shampoo and masque a couple of times, you can see from the photos. Among all the salt shampoos I have used so far from different brands, I do like this one the most. I have an itchy scalp and some dandruff related issues, so I did find this shampoo soothing. I also liked that I could use it on my hair as well. I will wait to see if it will have long lasting positive effect - for now I am enjoying the combo. The hair masque is ok, nothing special about it, provides nourishment and keeps my hair smooth, that's it.

Milk Makeup Glossy Lip Plumper: It is such a cute looking gloss tube! I am not very much into lip plumpers; but this is not too stingy, it does not burn but I do feel a little bit of tingling. And I honestly do not know if it does any plumping. I did not see any noticeable affect. It has a pink tint to it so I will continue to use it as a lip gloss.

Milk Kush High Volume Mascara: First of all, this tube is heavy thus feels very sturdy and expensive :-). Anyway, I have used a travel size version of Kush Mascara before and I did not really enjoy it much. The full-size is working for me though, it separates and lengthens my lashes. I could use a bit more volume but overall I am content with it. It is probably a good idea to note here that I am not too fussy about my mascara. 

Jimmy Choo I want Choo Eaude Parfum: I like it - it has a sultry feel to it with little bit floral attributes to it. I will happily use up the sample but I honestly do not need another full-size perfume.

That's all for today.



Monday, April 5, 2021

Pat McGrath Divine Rose II ::: Review & Swatches!!

Alright, I am finally ready to talk about the famous Divine Rose II palette from Pat McGrath.

I bought this palette last year when their website had some sale going on. It was a value set that included the original Divine Rose and this one, and I have been primarily playing with this one since then. 

I have been lusting after Pat McGrath palettes for years, researching which one to get! But no one stood out particularly; I liked all of them a lot but could not decide on one. So, when I saw this offer, I gave in :-) . I will have my comprehensive thought at the end but lets discuss topic by topic first!

Color Story: As the name suggests, it is a rose themed color story. I see the Original Divine Rose palette as more of a cool toned neutral palette rather than a rose colored one. But II is much more vibrant and has more of a rose theme, which I do enjoy. It has 2 matte shades that are perfect for my skin-tone. There are 4 metallic shades and rest are her famous special glitter shades. Of course, I am getting more use out of the four special glitter shades than the rest. 

Swatches from L & R: Gold Lust 001, Astral Pink Moon, Bronze Rose 005, VR Sextrarrestrial, Eleganza, Rose Seduction, Naked Blush, Divine Dusk, Skinshow Rose Opal, Xtreme Burgundy

VR Sextraterrestrial: This is the 1st multi-chrome in the market that is being offered in a big, luxury palette, hence it peeked a lot of interest (please remember that Indie brands have been doing multichromes for a long time now). I did not have any multichrome before this, so I don't feel like I have a good basis for comparison within my collection! But I did enjoy this shade; I typically apply it all over my lid, sometimes I use black and brown liner smudged underneath to enhance the multichromeness - I have realized that this is the best application method for me. I have also tried it over glitter primer, regular primer or on top of other powder shadows. It works just fine in all three different ways.

Astral Pink Moon: This is also a special shade and has a little more glitter than the others. This is a pinky-beige shade and because of the glitter, I feel this one has a bit more sparkle to it which I really do appreciate. 

Bronze Rose 005: This shade is appropriately named; a very light bronze with a pinkinsh hue. Love it!

Gold Lust 001: This is a typical gold shade. I do really enjoy the refined glittery-ness of these shades, but other than that, this isn't necessarily an unique shade.

Overall, I really find myself reaching for these special shades! They are sparkly, easy to use and definitely bring me a lot of joy.

Next four are the metallic shades:

Skinshow Rose Opal: Very pale rose/beige type of a shade - I do not see a lot of use out of this shade for me as it is quite pale for my skin-tone. I do sometimes love it on my inner corner.

Eleganza: Very pretty metallic taupe with rosey hues, I am more inclined to colorful shades and thus, I have not found a lot of excitement for this shade yet. Once the world opens up and I need a fancy neutral shade to go to some fancy events (one can dream), I hope to find more use for it.

Divine Dusk: I find this to be kind of similar to Eleganza. It is just more bronzier and deeper. I do enjoy it.

Rose Seduction: Very pretty vibrant and sophisticated hot pink shade in a subtle metallic finish. I do really appreciate this shade in this palette. I find myself craving for color whenever I use this palette, so I tend to use this shade to add accents to my eye looks and make them colorful. I also have used this as a layering blush.

Xtreme Burgundy & Naked Blush: These two are the only matte in the palette. Naked Blush is a bit mauve, light pink shade that's very flattering on my crease. Xtreme Burgundy is much more deep and I absolutely love using it on my outer corner or wherever I need to deepen up my eyeshadow color. 

I typically use multiple palettes in my looks, but I did try to use this palette exclusively to test out the variety of looks I am able to create. I did come out with different type of looks but because the colors are more or less similar, my heart is not satisfied in terms of the variety. Although, the looks are different, they can be categorized as neutral look with a pop of pink. 

Here are all the looks I did with this palette:

Naked Blush on the crease, Rose Seduction very lightly layered on the inner and outer corner. I have Rituel De Fille Alchemist Highlighter on the lid over the eyeshadows. 

Xtreme Burgundy all over the lid. Black liner smudged on the outer corner & brown liner on the 2/3 of the inner lid to emphasize the multichromeness.

Naked Blush on the crease, Bronze Rose 005 over Eleganza on the lid, Rose Seduction on the inner crease and outer corner, Astral Pink Moon as the graphic liner.

Xtreme Burgundy on the outer crease, Naked Blush on the crease, Divine Dusk on the outer lid, Eleganza on the inner lid on the lid.

Xtreme Burgundy on the outer crease, Naked Blush on the crease, VR Sextraterrestrial on the lid, Rose Seduction on the browbone and inner corner. Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy glitter over the lid.

Formula & Staying Power: After all the hype, and after trying all the shades, I have to admit that they are worth the hype. The first thing I experienced is the fact that they are so easy to work with. Very easy to blend, also easy to place them strategically in a targeted area. All the looks, even the complex looks took very little time to create - which I absolutely enjoyed and loved. I don't really think that the metallic shades are the most supreme quality metallic out there but I do like them. The glitter shades are fantastic. They are very elegant looking and oh-so-very-sparkly. I will buy a whole palette if she makes one exclusively with the glitter shades.

I do not have any complaints regarding staying power! I have not had any crazy days while wearing this palette that I need to test the staying power but generally I don't have any complaints. 

Packaging:  By now we all know about her 10-pan palettes! These are very fancy, sturdy palettes; and of course, it looks and feels like a 125$ palette. One major complaint I have about it is the absence of the names on the palette itself. I am pretty sure I will lose the sheet that has the names eventually!

Price: OKAY, so this is the part I was dreading the most for my review. We know that Pat McGrath palettes are incredibly expensive; this 10-pan palette is going to cost you $125, and I had a discount code on top of a bundle deal, so I did not spend that much money. 

I do absolutely love the formula, and every time I use the palette I really do enjoy the look; so quality wise I absolutely have NO COMPLAINTS. But every time, I pick up the palette, the cost of the palette flashes out in front of my eyes. Not regret per se, but I cannot shake off that feeling.

I am someone who loves to splurge on myself from time to time, but I think $125 is still a bit much for me! And I think that is why there is a pinch of guilt! My Viseart palette cost is $80 and I have 4 of them; I get so much use out of them so I don't experience this kind of guilt. This is my very personal experience - do what you can with this information :-).

So, it is kind of safe to say that I will not repurchase any palette from her anytime soon unless she comes with colors that I cannot resists or creates a palette  exclusively with the glittery shades only.