Thursday, April 7, 2016

Lorac Cosmetics new bronzer palette "Take me to TANtego" ::: Review and Swatches!!!

Two summers ago I bought my first ever bronzer – Bare Minerals First Resort Bronzer. I was very apprehensive about bronzers on my tan skin before that, but that product completely changed my view on bronzers! I took it with me the last time I visited my sister and she totally fell in love with it as well. She wanted one for her but unfortunately was a limited-edition palette. Ever since I have looking for a bronzer palette for her; one that has both matte and shimmer shades. When I saw sneak peak of this brand new palette from Lorac Cosmetics I got super excited. I was so happy to see this palette just when I am getting ready for my next trip to India. J However, it was a difficult product to find! My travel date is approaching fast and I wanted to order it ASAP after its release. It actually first got released on Kohl’s, but they only offer free shipping at $75 and my local store did not stock it until recently. Overall, I did not expect that much hassle in order to buy it.

Wow, that was a whole lot of unnecessary rambling :-)

The Take Me to TANtego palette comes with 4 different shades in both matte and shimmer finish with a total of 0.42 oz. of products. It also comes with an angled brush. All these will cost you 30$. Right now it’s available in Ulta, Nordstrom with free shipping and Kohl’s. I absolutely love the packaging. It’s quite a thin and sleek palette. It is a cardboard packaging but I think its sturdy enough. The mirror is also good; I love the fact that the lid can be totally folded backwards which makes the palette to hold while I get ready in those rushed morning. I also love the product name as well the shade names they choose! They are very playful. 

Here are the shades 

TAN Antonio (matte): It’s the lightest of all 4 shades. I think this will easily suit fair skin tones. It’s a little too pale on me, I can still wear it but it’s not my favorite. But I do like to lightly brush it over the periphery of my face and wear one of the shimmer shades on top of that.

TAN Diego (matte): They call this “medium bronze”. This is more suitable on my skin tone and I do not find the need of putting the shimmer shades on top of it.

Cabo TAN Lucas (shimmer): I think this is my favorite shade in the palette. It’s a shimmery shade but it’s a very fine shimmer. I love the shade too; it’s quite a strongly gold bronze and it’s quite flattering on my tan skin tone. It’s just the right amount of shimmer for me :-)

TANta Cruz: Here is unnecessary information for you :-); I have never been to Santa Cruz or Cabo SAN Lucas :-) Anyway this is a shade that intimidates me a little bit. It is shimmery and has some multicolor glitters. What makes it unique is its strong purple undertone. Definitely unique but I am afraid it may appear a bit gray on my face. I have not tried it as a bronzer on the entire face; I just wear a little bit on specific areas. I have also tried it as a lightly applied blush. I still do think that I would have enjoyed it if it were satin not glittery. Quite a unique shade though!

Like all other Lorac products, these are very powdery which essentially means that there will be some kickoff powder while using these. But it’s very, very, very smooth powder. They blend quite nicely. However, they are not strongly pigmented! Which is not necessarily a bad thing for bronzers, but I noticed that I have to apply at least 2 layers to get the warmth I want. I do like the look these shades give me but I am not in love it. For some reason, these do not make me happy. Another major complaint from me is the comparatively weak staying power. On top of foundation it lasts for 5-6 hrs. but if I am wearing on just moisturized skin, it hardly lasts for 3 to 4 hrs. I have quite a few other bronzers that I love wearing on bare skin. The more I wear this product, the more uncomfortable I get. 

I am not quite ready to discard this palette as a bad product but I am not happy with it either. I love the convenience of having just one palette for all my bronzer needs. I love that it comes with a brush and at such a good price! The shades are not my ultimate favorite but I do love Cabo SAN Lucas. I am definitely keeping the one I bought for my sister as I don’t have much time to go and find a better palette, however I might return the one I bought for me.

What’s your thought on this palette?