Friday, March 27, 2015

Naked Bee Moisturizer : Surprize Find!!

Travelling for job is often hectic; more so if it includes 100% travel. But I have to agree that there are a few advantages as well :-) If and when I get any chance I like to roam around in the small travel shops or boutiques and in that process I sometimes stumble upon collectible goodies or  relatively new skincare/cosmetics brands. That is how I discovered "Naked Bee" brand while roaming around in a small boutique in Branson, Missouri back in the Summer of 2013.

And I have completely fallen in love with this moisturizer since then. It's not too thick or thin; absorbs quickly and is really "really" moisturizing. Given that my skin is dangerously dry (my regular reader must be sick of hearing this again and again) and parched during the rough winter months here in the Windy City, I need to use my beloved Neutrogena Body Oil in coordination with this. But this is the right amount of moisturization I need for summer. Also it is 70% organic product without parabens, mineral oil, any dye or pigment. Read more about it here. It is also cruelty free which is a always major plus in my book.

There are different types of fragrances in this line including one fragrance-free. Among those I have tried "Orange Blosson Honey", "Lavender and Beeswax Absolute" and I simply LOVE both. I have mentioned before that I don't like strong overwhelming scent in my skincare products but these lotions are so mildly and pleasantly fragranced that I have grown fond of the smell. I have given these as gifts to my parents and sister and they ALL love it!

For the 6.7 oz Hand and Body cream the price fluctuates depending on where you get it from. It ranges from 12 to 16$. For the body lotion with 8 oz. of product the price varies from 16-20$. I believe it is still not available in any convenient stores. I have seen them in 2-3 boutiques near tourist spots in Michigan and Missouri (I travel a lot ;-)) I bought two tubes when I saw it in that above mentioned store for the first time but I placed my second orders from I am almost in need of new tubes, so if you see it somewhere in stores please let me know. I am eager to try 'sandelwood' next!

Organic; no harmful product.
Good moisturizer with pleasant smell.
Cruelty free product.

Not easily available in stores.

I am definitely repurchasing this at some point of time and I really hope that they start to distribute these in some drugstore. Thank you so much for staying with me till now, have any of you tried these?