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Viseart Holiday 2021 ::: Cashmere Etendu Palette Review & Swatches!

 Talking about the Cashmere Palette from Viseart's Holiday Collection this year!

Full disclosure: Viseart gifted me this palette along with their other Holiday palettes but with no obligation to post!

This is the last palette I will talk about from their holiday collection this year, I have already talked about the Bijouxette (click here), Paris Etoile (click here) and Petit Fours (click here). 

I could not manage to talk about this before the holidays but hey, these are such pretty everyday neutrals you don't need to wait for holidays to wear these! Some of you might already know I do not gravitate towards neutral shades, especially cool toned neutral shades. But may be because of this, this palette feels a bit new-ish color scheme wise. And I loved playing with all the shades! May be I was a neutral lover after all!

Formula: Before I had this holiday collection, I already had 6 palettes from Viseart. So that should already tell you how much I love their formula. I adore their matte shadows - they are so easy to work with. I can blend their mattes with ease, I can place them strategically without getting muddy, I can mix them with lighter or darker shades to make them deeper or brighter. Even with deeper mattes like blue or dark green, I find them comparatively much easier to work with than some other brands. And because their mattes get more love from me, I don't pay much attention to their shimmers 😄! But they are also such a joy to work with. They are opaque, very shiny and almost minimum to no fall-out. I prefer using them with my fingertips than using with a brush.

Color: This is a neutral palette and I love that it leans more towards cool tones than warm tones! There are two golden shades but they are not overly gold. I like that. Let's take a closer look at the shades!

Bubbles - Described as palest pinky lilac champagne satin metallic. Such beautiful lilac mauvy shade. I feel like I have used it every time I have used this palette.

Laughter - Described as nude beige satin metallic with a shimmer finish. Similar shade as Bubbles but warmer and golden hued. This along with Bootlegger, Jazz and Burlesque will make a beautiful warm toned eye look. 

Feather - Described as pale vanilla with a matte finish. Great shade to have if you have a very light skintone. For me it does not do anything. 

Pearls - Described as blushed tan with a satin metallic shimmer finish. Very smooth texture. I have used it as a highlighter on top of my cream highlighter! 

Burlesque - Described as metallic caramel hue with a duochromatic finish. There are duochromatic sparkles for sure but I have not really played a whole lot with this shade to know if that transfers on the eyes. I love the shade though.

Flapper - Described as dusty midtone plum with a matte finish. I love this shade. Very appropriately mid-tones so it is useful for a broader range of skintone. Also the perfect midtone you want to use when you want a cooler tone look. LOVE it. 

Bootlegger - Described as sienna midtone brown with a matte finish. It is a perfect warm counterpart to Flapper. I know for sure that this shade is going to get used very heavily in my looks. I am glad they included it here. 

Jazz - Described as light rose gold with a duochromatic finish. Very soft texture and I love the duochrmatic speckles. It warm and kind of golden but I love that it not way too golden.

Roaring - Described as metallic deep burgundy with duochromatic finish. This is shade that I have been using a lot. Feels like they did not add too may deep shimmers so everytime I want to add more depth but in shimmer, I end up using it. 

Twenties - Described as pale lilac with a satin metallic shimmer finish. It is too light for me to use on my lid often, but I love it as a inner corner highlight. 

Retro - Described as pewter with a satin metallic finish. Another great shade with such a smooth texture. I absolutely adore this shade. 

Cigar - Described as deep expresso brown with a matte finish. Last shade in the palette but my absolute favorite shade. I love how deep and dark this shade is and how easy it is to use. I am finding great use for it. 

Staying Power: I always use eye primer with my eye looks. But I love their formula - it has great staying power. It stays put till I remove at night when I wash my face.

Packaging: This is their Ettendu palette so it follows a typical sizing, I love the green festive outer cover too! Their palettes now has mostly removable magnetic pans which are amazing in case you want to create custom color schemes. I really love that about their newer packaging styles.

Price & Availability: This palette will cost you $44 at full price for a total of 18 gram or 0.63 oz. But this is holiday season so I am quite sure you will get some discount or other. Also it is very easy to find Viseart these days; they retail at their own website (Viseart), BeautylishCamera Ready Cosmetics, and Muse Beauty Pro.

Here are the 3 looks I created using only this palette so far, I am sure I will play with it more and have more fun.

Lastly some video swatches! Such pretty shades!

Did you pick up any palette from this holiday collection?



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