Monday, February 7, 2022

Roen Beauty 11:11 Eyeshadow Palette ::: Review & Swatches!

Today I am talking about the 11:11 eyeshadow palette from Roen Beauty! Roen Beauty presents itself as a brand that creates products that are clean and innovative without compromising on performance and wearability! I have been interested in them since they were launched in Sephora but the price of the palette seemed steep,! When it went on sale during holidays (in 2020) I grabbed it! It is worth mentioning that Roen Beauty that they clean, cruelty free, vegan, paraben free and gluten free.

Now that I have it and have used it for more than a year, I think I am finally ready to talk about it.

Formula: To put it in a single sentence - I love the formula! I am an eyeshadow lover; obviously I have a lot of eyeshadow palettes and I still find this formula to be somewhat unique among all my palettes. The shadows has a little not-so-soft texture which is not at all a bad thing. When I swatch it, I don't see the colors that much on the swatch but the sparkles are so freaking good :-)! I have heard some people struggle with the application. The instructions on their website asks to swirl the eyeshadows with fingertips in a circular motion on each eyeshadow shade and to not be afraid to use firm pressure. And that is exactly how I apply them and it works. Situation is a bit more chunkier than the others so it needs a little bit more swirling. 

Color: Roen Beauty has 3-4 (4) pan eyeshadow palettes with these lid lumes formula. And 11:11 palette was the most intriguing for me. It had the perfect balance of cool and warm shades and the extra chunky shade was even more interesting. 

Situation - Situation is a lot of multi colored and different sized sparkles on very pale rosy pink base. I think this is my most favorite shade from the palette! I use it alone or on top of any three of the rest of the shades and it takes my look to a new level of sparkle 😀! 

Hashtag - Hashtag is the most cool toned shades in the palette; lot of multi colored and small sized sparkles on a grey taupe base. It is such a perfect shade to use when I want a smokey, edgy look. I do not really gravitate towards cooler toned eyeshadows but I really do enjoy this one.  

Ciao! - Ciao! is a rosy mauve type of a shade with the same type of multi colored and small sized sparkles. Very pretty shade and perfect for a a simple sophisticated look.  

Rosie - It is funny that this shade is named Rosie but I see this as an subtle orange shade. And of course it has the same multi colored and small sized sparkles like HashtagCiao! and Rosie


How I use the eyeshadows: This palette is perfect for quick and sophisticated looks! I typically love creating unexpected, complex eye looks! That's one of my weekend self care rituals. But there are days when I want to look glammed up with a full face of makeup but I do not really have a whole lot of time to indulge in makeup application. This palette is the one I grab when I want that quick sparkly sophisticated look! All of them would give me pretty nice shimmery & glimmery look, however if I want more glitz I apply Situation on top of either HashtagCiao! and Rosie. In fact, I mix and match these shades on top of any matte shades to create the most simple, classic glittery look! There's is not really a whole lot of application variations for me! In other words, it is the same template eye look - add a matte lid shade, top it with any one of the 11:11 shade or mix and match more shades for more glitter effect! As I mentioned above, I swirl my fingertips on the eyeshadows , tap the product on my lids and if needed I would use more pressure. It helps to get all the sparkles on my lid! I have never tried using these with a brush, I wonder if that works! You can see a demonstrative IGTV here.

Staying Power: I always use eye primer (No need for glitter primer, regular primer works fine) with my eye looks. I haven't had full active days of out and about activities so I have not been able to try these that extensively in this world of Covid 😫! But for a normal day of weekend content filming or regular activities, I have no complaints about the staying power. The shadows stays put till I remove them at night when I wash my face!

After one year of usage! (Keep in mind that I have a lot of eyeshadow so not very frequently used)

Packaging: The packaging is compact, adorable and simple! As found in their website, the outer packaging is 100% recyclable packaging. I think that is great! 

Price & Availability: This palette will cost you $46 at full price for a total of 4.5 gram or 0.16 oz. I got it at $29 when Sephora was running a sale, I am very happy with the price . I cannot find Roen Beauty in Sephora anymore but the palette is available on Roen Beauty and Blue Mercury.

Here are some of the looks I created using these shadows with some additional matte shadows!

Here is a little snippet of me applying Situation on top of  Rosie  I believe!

Have you tried Roen Beauty? Tell me which palette or product you like from them?



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