Monday, February 3, 2020

Monthly Favorites ::: January 2020!!!

Because I have been having lot of fun playing with makeup again, I thought I will talk about some of the product I loved during January. There are only a handful of products; some of them are rediscovery and rest are new to my collection.

STILA Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Twig: I bought a set of these shimmer and glow and Glitter and glow eyeshadows from Stila a year ago. I reviewed it (you can find it here) and then forgot about it. Then during holiday season, I ordered a mystery bag from Stila which included this “Twig” shade in full-size. I have been regularly using it since. You can see that there is already dent in it! First of all, the color is stunning; it is dark coppery brown that immediately makes me feel and look sultry. I LOVE it. It is also so very easy to apply; I pat it on and just blend it with my fingertips. I do one eye at a time because it gives me enough time to blend it without having any sharp edges in my crease area! I think it has the perfect drying time. You have a little bit of time to play with it but you don’t need to wait forever to move your lids waiting for the eyeshadow to dry! I typically wear it all-over my lid and blend it on the crease with a dark brown and cream crease shade. It is fast, super easy and yet it looks as if I spent a lot of time and effort in creating the eye look :-) It also has tremendous staying power. I am very impressed and absolutely in LOVE!

ATELIER COLOGNE Clémentine California ColognePure Perfume Travel Spray: Yes, it is a sleek travel bottle and it has a FREAKING spray. Isn’t that great? I have loved perfumes from a long time. It’s such a niche beautiful house of fragrance. Among all the different type of scent they offer, I think I love “Clémentine California” the most. It is very fresh, florally but it is layered and complex. The reason to love it even more is because of its packaging. It is such a sleek bottle and just perfect for travel! It almost does not take any space in my makeup bag. I got a great value set quite some time ago and I am still finishing them up. I love them all, almost! And I am definitely taking 2-3 of these travel sprays for my upcoming travels.

HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush (read full review here): Oh man! Another product that I have of rediscovered. This was a limited-edition palette from Nordstrom some time ago, but early in January I was doing a full makeup with re-discovered products and I pulled this out. And I have been using this blush almost non-stop. It is a refined rosy-shade and it immediately uplifts my look! Brings a certain spring and joy in the look actually :-) As it is typical for Hourglass powder, it has that subtle sheen but it does not emphasize any of my acne scar on my cheeks. This is available in their permanent line in full size or in mini travel size as well. 

LAURA MERCIER Velour Extreme Matte Lipstick in Fresh: This is new to my collection. My mom wants a new lipstick and I have been trying a few different products for her. This is a set I bought from Sephora when they had some sale on sale thing going on. The one thing I loved most about this is the shade. On Sephora website it is described as a deep pinky nude but on me it appears to be a very mature light plum shade – I love it, especially for wearing to work. I have gone through an entire tube of Mac Satin Lipstick in Amorous and I am trying to find a cruelty free replacement. Shade wise “Fresh” comes close enough! It is an “extreme” matte formula, so I do not use it 3 or more days consecutively but it has decent staying power.

From Top to Bottom: Hourglass "Luminous Flush", Stila "Twig", Laura Mercier "Fresh"

Wearing Hourglass "Luminous Flush" on cheeks, Stila "Twig" on eyelids, Laura Mercier "Fresh" on the lips
Hope you enjoyed! Anything that you have tried? I am not sure if I will be able to have February Favorites as I will be in India towards the end of February so. We will see!