Thursday, November 25, 2021

KEVYN AUCOIN Glass Glow Face ::: Review & Swatches!!

Talking about Kevyn Aucoin Glass Glow Face today. The shade I have is Prism Rose.

Back in 2020, I got a sample foil card of this highlighter with 3 shades – Crystal Clear, Prism Rose and Spectrum Bronze. I travelled with that little card and it was perfect for my 5-day trip to Sri Lanka (Read my travel experience here). It impressed me so much that I really wanted to get it in full size. After a lot of researching and a lot of waiting, I found a deal in October (of 2020) in Beautylish and finally got my hands on the full-size for the shade Prism Rose. After using it for one full year I am still impressed and happy with my purchase.

Their website describes this highlighter as an universal and unique gloss highlighter for both face and body for a youthful looking hydrated skin with a glassy complexion. I haven’t used it on my body yet but for the face, it definitely gives me the glassy glow & I love it.

Formula: The formulation of the product is definitely a tad bit unique. It is not a liquid but definitely like a liquid balm. You need just a LITTLE bit of product. I use my finger tips to apply the product and blend it using my fingertips. If I feel I need to get a more natural look, I will use a beauty blender. My skin is very dry and with each passing year, I have started to realize that powder highlighters have the possibility to look a little bit forceful on my skin. I have definitely started to prefer creams heavily over powder highlighters.

And I definitely love this formula, it could feel a little bit sticky when you first squeeze it out but I don’t really find that to be a problem. It applies very easily, blends very easily and the stickiness does not really linger.

Color: There are total of 6 shades in this formula. I liked the clear one but at times it could look a bit ashy on my skin-tone. The other shade I tried was Spectrum Bronze – very pretty shade but somewhat darker on my skin-tone. So, I chose Prism Rose for my full size and I am so glad I did. It is a very pretty rosy type of shade with bronzy-tone hues. It has neutral undertone so it can be very easily used with cool or warm toned makeup looks. I can use it when I want a simple basic look or with ultra glamorous one. I am very happy with my shade selection.

Staying Power: Ok so, for makeup looks to stay-at-home this has the perfect staying power. I have worn it with looks for full content days (you know, days involving outfit changes and dance reels) and it stays put – so I really cannot complain. Because the product looks so natural, even if it fades it still look pretty. But I have not used it for a full outdoor activity day, so!

Packaging: This comes in a squeezy tube. It’s a big tube so not quite sure how easy it is to travel with. The cap also can be loose and keep reopening. However, for everyday storage that’s not a problem.

Price & Availability: The full size contains 1 fl. oz. with a price tag of $32. That’s a lot of highlighter! $32 seems like a hefty price tag but I feel like price/unit is reasonable. But that’s my personal thought. I bought it at half price – so I am definitely getting full worth the money I spent.

Here are some looks where I used the highlighter!

Overall, I am thoroughly enjoying this product. It looks natural, glamorous and for the last few months, I am definitely picking it over my other highlighters.