Sunday, November 29, 2020

Bought it, emptied it: RMS BEAUTY "Buriti Bronzer"

A long time ago, I used to do a series where I would talk about a product after I had completely finished it up! It was a great way for me to share a very detailed review of the product! I am bringing the series back! This is not going to be a very regular occasion but every once in a while, I will use this series to talk about products that I have completely used up.

Today I am talking about the "Buriti Bronzer" from RMS Beauty. I completely used up this entire bronzer! Yes, you do see a little bit still there; I am keeping this tiny little portion for shade comparison in the future, just for my own reference.

Needless to say, I absolutely LOVE this bronzer. Typically, I really do enjoy cream products; they work great on my dry skin. And in general, it is a little tricky to find a (cream) bronzer that works on my skin-tone. But this was a GREAT color (for me) and that is why I think this bronzer scores some extra points from me! 😀 

Formula, Quality & Staying Power: This is a beautiful cream formula with a glowy/radiant finish and a strong reddish undertone. And somehow it really flatters my warm olive tan skin-tone. I would just pat it on using my fingertips and blend it with a beauty blender or a thick but fluffy brush. It blends easily and stays put. I love that I can get a very natural look out of it for a simple 'no foundation/everyday' makeup! Or I can use it over foundation for a full glamorous over-the-top looks. Before 2020, before I started working from home and would have to go to office everyday, I would use this along with the Living Luminizer (reviewed here) from the same brand on bare moisturized skin! I would apply some mascara, lipstick and that would my favorite & most efficient way of getting a work-ready look! I really enjoyed the combo of Living Luminizer and Buriti Bronzer; I instantly look alive in it!

I also love to layer powder bronzers on top of Buriti Bronzer; it makes my bronzer stay longer! I have included a few recent looks below where I used this bronzer exclusively.

Shade: Now, one of the con about this product is that it is offered in only one shade. And that is a huge con! I am not sure how it could work for every skin-tone. I am not a makeup artist and I don't have any direct experience of applying makeup on different skin-tones but it is hard for me to believe that one shade is going to work on every skin-tone! It is such a good product, we need more shades so every skin-tone can have access to it. They also had a product called "Contour Bronzer" which looked a little bit darker, however I do not see that product in RMS beauty website anymore. Also, I personally love the red undertone and the strong sheen in "Buriti Bronzer" but it might not be your cup of tea. 

Price & Availability: This is a permanent product in their line. It will cost you $28 for 0.20 oz of products. You will find this in Sephora, Credo Beauty, RMS Beauty and Dermstore.

Will I repurchase: The perk of doing the "Bought it emptied it" series is that I can ask myself if I would repurchase the product or if I have already repurchased it! That kind of tells you how much I actually liked something, right? So YES, I can definitely see myself repurchasing this bronzer in the future, probably next summer?! I know that if I repurchase it right now, I will start using it constantly and all the other bronzers in my collection will not get any love. So, I will repurchase this once I get more use out of my other bronzers and/or when I feel that I CANNOT live without it!

This has been a favorite product for quite some time now, especially in the conscious beauty world so hopefully this detailed review can be helpful to you all!  



Wednesday, November 11, 2020

MILANI Ludicrous Lights Eye Topper in PINK-AROO, LOLLAPA-BLUE-ZA & PEACH-ELLA ::: Review & Swatches!!

Talking about twinkly, sparkly eye products from Milani; it seems fitting since Diwali, the indian festivak of lights is right around the corner. 

Sometime ago, over at my instagram page, I expressed how I have been loving glittery, sparkly top coats with sheer base on top of my eyeshadow! After doing a little bit of research I landed up on these.

Availability: I got these from Ulta, they were 50% off, and I had a lot of Ulta points as well some coupon, so got a great deal on these. They are also available in Milani Website and Walmart. I do not see them in Ulta anymore.

Shades: I have the following three shades

PINK-AROO - This is described as Magenta with Blue reflects. I think it appears as more of a pink than a magenta but I definitely see the blue reflects. It is beautiful.

LOLLAPA-BLUE-ZA -This is described as Frosty Blue with purple reflects. I also see a lot of silver reflects in it. I love this shade - I think I have used this the most. 

PEACH-ELLA - This is described as Champagne Peach with gold and pink reflects. This is such a gorgeous shade. With all the all the gold and pink reflects it almost look like a multichrome! Well, almost. I love that it has a neutral undertone - I can pair them with a lot of different eyeshadows.

Formula, Quality & Staying Power: As you can see, these are very sparkly with small micro glitters! The duo chromy flip on all three of them is beautiful. On their website, it is described as a water-based formula. I find the formula to be very easy to work with. I typically swipe a little bit out on my hand and use a brush to apply the product. I do not even use glitter glue most of the time. These can be applied as a sheer eye topper as well as built up. I can also apply it on targeted areas using a small flat eyeliner brush. I love how these can be used to add a little it of a pop to my eye-looks or if I want to overly dramatic look. I also can use these to creat graphic liners. As you can see, I was able to create a varieties of looks. 

Although, as life has changed from before and I haven't really wore this out and about for full day of activities, but I do see that it lasted on me all day long. I am really happy with these 😍

Price: The retail cost for these are $10.99 but it is not that difficult to find sales for this one. 

Packaging: Simple tube, no comments on this ha ha!

Do you have any favorite eyeshadow topper?



Sunday, November 1, 2020

Monthly Favorites ::: Sept-Oct 2020

I didn't really have a lot of makeup items that I specifically loved in the month of September so I did not share a 'Monthly Favorites' post. But I feel like I have found a few items that I have been using and loving past two months! 😀 

So today, I am talking about the products that I have grown fond of in the month of September and October. Here we go -  

STILA Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in TWIG: I am pretty sure this is going to be in my Yearly Favorites 💓! I have worn this so many times this year, especially for special occasions. And more especially when I have Indian events where I get to dress up in full Indian Ethnic attires.  

It is a stunning shade; a dark coppery brown that immediately makes me feel and look sultry. I LOVE it! It is very easy to apply; I pat it on and just blend it with my fingertips. I do one eye at a time because it gives me enough time to blend it without having any sharp edges in my crease area! I think it has the perfect drying time. I get a little bit of time to play with it but I don’t need to wait forever to move/blink my eyes waiting for the eyeshadow to dry! I typically wear it all-over my lid and blend it on the crease with a dark brown shade. It is fast, super easy and yet it looks as if I spent a lot of time and effort in creating the eye look 😁. It also has tremendous staying power. Also, I can glam it up even more by layering glitter on top of it. I have worn this again for my festive glam looks this month. I am absolutely in LOVE!

DANESSA MYRICKS Colorfix Cream Color Foil in Alien: I am still trying to get a hang of the packaging and usage of the tube, it kind of squirts out a lot of products almost every time I use. It is a bit uncontrollable and thus annoying. But the product itself is soooooo good! It is a foil cream eyeshadow...when I say it's's FOILED. It has a lot of multicolor glitter on a sheer base; it is described as rose gold with silver undertone in their website. I can wear it with warm shades and cool shades equally. It sets very quickly so you have work very fast but it stays put all day long! 

VISEART 12-pan Eyeshadow Palette in Editorial Brights: This was in my August Favorites and I am still having so much fun with this palette! Every time I pick up this palette to use (one or more shades), I feel happy. The looks come out great..all the colors show up as vibrant as they appear on the pan! I love the Yellow, and the Purple shades the most; they are simply amazing and you can already see I have made a little bit of dent in the yellow! The blue shades are a tad bit dry and takes effort in blending. 

URBAN DECAY 12-hr Glide-On Eyeliner Pencils: I have loved these eye pencils from UD for a long time. These are mainly from a holiday set I got some time ago. And I am constantly using them since the beginning of quarantine (from when I started to play more with makeup)! The shades here are mostly jewel tone colors and it matches with the eye-looks I have been creating! I love them on my upper lid but I have been mainly using them on the inner rim - it does not stay on my outermost corner (which is a problem I always have with any eyeliners) but I really do love them.

KEVYN AUCOIN Glass Glow Face in Prism Rose: Earlier this year, I got a sample card of this product with 3 shades with a Sephora order. I took it with me when I went home (to India) and to my 5-day trip to SriLanka and I loved using it! I did not really purchased the full size right away as I fountd the retail price of 38$ to be a LOT. Eventually few months ago, I found it in Beautylish at half of the price and I snagged it! I Love it! It is a liquid-y highlighter, a little bit sticky may be? But I do not mind it a bit! I will review it in detail in the coming weeks. 

RITUEL DE FILLE Inner Glow Creme Pigment in Delirium and Rare Light Creme Luminizer in Solaris: This brand has to be my most favorite discovery of this year. I tried their Bloodflower Color Nectar Balm (reviewed here) and Alchemist Highlighter which were in my past monthly favorites! This Delirium shade as blush is amazing; very flattering on my skin-tone especially during this time of the year. It is a beautiful orange, burnt reddish type of a shade and I love it. Solaris is a very unique highlighter in my collection! It is a warm champagne type of a shade with a very strong red-pink undertone. It almost has a flip to it! I find it very flattering on my tan olive skin-tone. It is not an everyday, wearable shade but I love how unique it is! 

JDGLOW Cosmetics Single Eyeshadows in Anomaly, Volcano, Prismatic, Lemonade, Unexpected, Good Gawd, Lavender and DEVINAH Cosmetics Single Eyeshadows in Salvatore, Blazed, Cleopatra, Kazookles, Rainbow Blossom, Confetti Kisses, Ilithiya: After researching for years, this year I finally have started to try out Indie Makeup brands! And I am in love! These eyeshadows are stunning! I have so much to say about these but I will reserve my thoughts for the dedicated review post! All you need to know is that I absolutely LOVE them! Absolutely! 

KOSAS Kosasport Lip Fuel in Pulse and BUXOM Evocative Petal: I have been having so much fun with eyeshadows that my love for lipstick is getting a little bit sidetracked. That combined with the current condition of the world with mask and all, has really reduced the number of occasions I have been able to use bold lip colors. I have been loving these two products though. They are very neutral and quite a perfect nude shade on me! Goes quite well with all the crazy colors I have been wearing on my eyes. (PS: The Buxom one has been discontinued!) 

That was it for this time! Almost 2 months for the Yearly Round Up! I am excited to figure out and compile the products that I loved and enjoyed all year round!