Tuesday, May 10, 2022

LYS BEAUTY Satin Matte Cream Blush in Passion ::: Review & Swatches!!!

I think, I think, I have finally made up my mind about the LYS Beauty HIGHER STANDARD Satin Matte Cream Blush today. I have it in shade Passion. This was my very first product from this brand and I have heard about them from my friends over on Instagram; I was really excited. But to give you a quick overview, I do not think I love it as wholeheartedly as I wanted to! Also unnecessary side note - I do not understand why the product has such a long name :-) 

I have had this product since January this year so I have definitely spend enough time with it.

Shade: Passion is described as fuchsia pink. I was looking for very bright pink shade! My hope was that it will immediately brighten up my face, as the correct shade of pink (whether its outfit, lipstick or blush) tends to do that for me. However this pink shade was just a tad bit deeper than I was hoping it to be. It is still a beautiful shade but not as bright as I was hoping for it to be.   

Formula, Quality & Staying Power: I do not have any comment on the staying power. I haven't had any long days with many outdoor activities but for a simple day of normal activities it wore beautifully. 

Like the name of the product suggests, it is a cream blush formula with satin but somewhat of a flat finish. It is a bit stiff, formula wise so you definitely have to warm up the product before you apply it. 

My biggest worry is the application! I cannot seem to figure out the best application method without making it look patchy. I felt like there was a learning curve but even after 5 months with the product, I often end up worrying that it will look a little patchy! I have to be so careful with my skin preparation and even after that, if it looks patchy immediately after I apply it, it is very hard to make it smoother and rectify the situation. I have started to apply it with a base skin-tone shade of blush underneath; that seems to help. I have very dry skin and I have a lot of acne scars and textures left behind from previous acnes. I am not sure if the formula does not work best because of that? I have mainly applied it with a beauty blender. Once or twice I have tried with blush (and it is not a go to method for me for cream blushes); brush application seems to work a tiny bit more. But I will have to keep testing as I don't have complete confidence in any one of the method! 

This makes me a a bit sad, and the application process a little bit tedious and probably it will lead me to use the product less frequently. We shall see!

Price: Woo, the price point for LY Beauty is really attractive. This blush will cost you $16 for a total of 0.23 oz (6.5g) of product. That is a lot of product for a blush and the cost is very affordable. It is probably one of the most affordable blushes on Sephora. 

Availability: This is available at Sephora, and
 LYS Beauty website 

Packaging: It comes in a triangular compact which is not a norm and it makes storing them a bit challenging. I do not have any problem with that but something to keep in mind.

Here are some looks I did with Passion! You can also see the patchiness on the second look with heavy layer application. And if mixed with other cream blushes it seemed to apply more smoothly. 

To sum it up, I think I will still get use out of the blush, I just have to mix it with another shade which makes it bit more complicated and less efficient in my opinion. 


Monday, April 18, 2022

SUGARPILL Fun Size Eyeshadow Palette ::: Review & Swatches!

Talking about the Fun Size Palette from Sugarpill today!

I got the palette during thanksgiving sales back in 2020, if I remember correctly. And after using it for one whole year and creating many different looks, I am ready to talk about it. It is currently shows "SOLD OUT" but I hope they have not discontinued cause I really love this cute little palette. On their website this palette comes with this description "Level up your makeup! Unlock nine powered-up matte shades in our portable Fun Size Mini Color Palette that you can play anywhere, anytime! Super bold pressed pigments offer superior pay-off and blendability." I definitely enjoy the mini size and the color assortment here. Let look more closely!

Formula: This are all matte shades! And most of them are somewhat pastel shades, which would make you wonder about their blendability. But I am happy to report that they are super easy to work with. Blends easily and stays put. They are super soft to touch and when applied, they seem to have a soft, undetectable sheen. Super pretty on eyelids like mine that are getting drier by the year because of (ahem) age :-). I find that these 9 shades work best together with each other, and the color payoff comes out great. However, if I have to place it on tiny area very strategically for more artistic or complex looks, I need to build up the color a lot more. But if I am using it as a crease shade, or on the lid or even inner corner and use a fluffier brush, it is super duper easy to build up; blends like a dream. So, if I have to complain, that will be it. I wish I could use it without more work for strategic placement

Color: Overall, I love the color scheme. Like I mentioned before, it is mostly pastel themed palette. I could probably recreate these shades with my Bright Editorial Palette (reviewed here) from Viseart but it so convenient to have this palette. The only feedback I have here is that Level Up and Rage Quite is too similar to each other.

Cheat Code - Described as a seafoam color. This really compliments my brown eyes. I love using it on my inner corner for little pop of color. 

8-bit - Perfect periwinkle matte shade. Blue pastels are not that easy to make but this one works like a charm. I am a blue eyeshadow connoisseur. Obviously, I have a lot of them. But I do not have a shade like this. Very happy with it :-)

Player One - Another shade that I absolutely adore. It is described as red-toned lilac, and I think that is just the perfect description. It works really well with blues or even reds/pinks for looks that has color gradient. It is probably the shade that I gravitate towards the most in the palette. I can already see a dip forming it it. 

Twitch - This is a mint green shade, very cute :-). I use it a lot in my inner corner with other neutral shades.

Level Up - Described as vibrant pink toned coral. Definitely warm toned. Love using it on the lid for simple look and for adding a little something exciting he he. 

Rage Quite - This one is described as deep magenta rose. Very pretty shade but it is very close to Level Up. this one is more pink and cool toned but on the eyes I don't find much difference. I actually use them interchangeably.

Continue? - Described as mustard yellow but to me it looks more like a dirty, murky yellow. I really like this shade. I have a ton of bright yellows so this shade is somewhat unique in my collection. I enjoy it very much.  

High Score - This shade is described as blazing marigold and it does look like blazing marigold! I love it but for whatever reason, I do not use it a whole lot. But performance wise, no complaints

Game Over - Described as vivid orange-toned red. A red that stays red when applied on the eyelids and does not turn into orange or into pink :-) I love it; but again I do not know why I do not use it more! 😍.

Staying Power: I always use eye primer with my eye looks. And these shadows stays put. Looks like I have been saying this in every review past two years - I have not had EXTREMELY active days but for a normal day, it lasts till I remove my eye makeup at night when I wash my face.

Packaging: Packaging is very cute, with a little kitty on the front he he! Simple, flat cardboard packaging. Nothing extra ordinary but I appreciate the simplicity. I also love that they did not go overboard with cuteness. 

Price & Availability: This palette will cost you $30 at full price for a total of 0.8 gram or 0.025x9 oz. I got it from Sugarpill website with a little discount. I don't know if it is available anymore, looks like it is out of stock right now but they have "Fun Size Too" palette that has similar color scheme. It is available on Beautylish as well.

Here are few looks I created using only this palette so far, I am sure I will play with it more and have more fun. Which one is your favorite?



Friday, February 18, 2022

RITUEL DE FILLE Inner Glow Creme Pigment in Delirium ::: Review & Swatches!!

Today, I am talking about Rituel De Fille's (RDF) Inner Glow Crème Pigment in Delirium. I have acquired a lot of RDF products over some time and I am trying to have my thoughts on each of them with individual posts!

I have already talked about their Color Nectar Pigment Balm in Bloodflower here.

RDF has a few different face products. I love their color nectar balms and I am fond of this Inner Glow Pigment formula too. This is what they have to say about their inner glow crème pigment products
"A spectrum of bold, stunningly versatile multi-use shades that can be worn on any part of the face. Apply to the cheeks, lips and eyes by blending out for a sheer wash, or build up to create bold color.

Inner Glow Crème Pigments also layer and blend to create new colors with our other products: combine them with one another, blend with Forbidden Lipsticks and Enchanted Lip Sheers, and lend depth and a glossed finish by layering over Ash and Ember Eye Soots. Each color comes encased in a starry black compact, inviting artistic experimentation with fingertips, sponges and brushes."

I have had this product for at least a year, so please be assure that I have loved and used this product very regularly. Let's try to share my thoughts!

Shade: Delirium is the burnt orange/coral shade of my dreams. Of course, it looks intense on the pan but it can sheered out or layered on! RDF describes this shade as follows: "This is the shade of fever dreams; a ripened nectarine with golden highlights in a sheer formulation. Part of Fleur Sauvage, a collection of colors inspired by lush overgrowth, the deadly allure of carnivorous plants, and the strange chromatic language whispered between flowers and pollinators." I don't know who writes these description for RDF but it makes complete sense you know! It is the shade of ripened nectarine with golden highlights! Additionally, I love that this color flatters my skin-tone all seasons throughout the year! I enjoy wearing it most during fall season! And winter too! And during summer this such a perfect shade for those golden hour burnt warm makeup looks! 😀  

Formula, Quality & Staying Power: So, the first thing I will say is that it is a little bit of thick crème meaning that you have to warm it up first before applying. If you have used their color nectar pigment balms you know that those are very light, jelly like formula. This inner glow pigment are much thicker that that. So if it is winter time, I will swirl it with my fingertips first, then apply it on the cheeks and then blend it out with a beauty blender. I love to mix it with my color nectar balms (I have Wasp & Bloodflower) for a blush-draping type of application. It actually works well with other brand's cream formula too! 

I have leftover acne scars and pores on my cheeks so I need to be careful with my blushes. And sometimes I use pore filling primer underneath, but I can easily wear it directly on top of foundation or on over bare, moisturized skin. I, do enjoy it using on the lips too for a monochromatic makeup look however I do that somewhat rarely. Not that it is not good as a tinted lip shade, but I just do not regularly use blush on my lips. 

I get very satisfying staying power from it, especially when I layer it with a with a very thin application of powder brush. I don't really wear makeup when I wear mask but when I am wear this for my weekend makeup play looks, I am mostly staying indoors and I can still see the blush on my cheeks at the end of the day. 

Price: This will cost you $29 for a total of 0.13 oz (3.8g) of product.   

Availability: This is available at the RDF website, Ulta Beauty, Cult Beauty and Credo

Packaging: It comes in the peculiar black packaging that RDF offers. And because all of them has the same style, if gets difficult to differentiate them. Especially if you have multiple compacts from them. Also, the clasp can break at times. I have had breakage in some of my other product with similar packaging. I think, this is the only complain I have with them, and I do think that they have room for improvement here.

Here are some looks I did with Delirium! You can see all the different variations I was able to get in terms of depth of the shade and application.

So, yes I love this blush. It was in my 2020 and 2021 Yearly Beauty Favorites and it will probably be in this years' favorite too! Have you tried any RDF product?


Monday, February 7, 2022

Roen Beauty 11:11 Eyeshadow Palette ::: Review & Swatches!

Today I am talking about the 11:11 eyeshadow palette from Roen Beauty! Roen Beauty presents itself as a brand that creates products that are clean and innovative without compromising on performance and wearability! I have been interested in them since they were launched in Sephora but the price of the palette seemed steep,! When it went on sale during holidays (in 2020) I grabbed it! It is worth mentioning that Roen Beauty that they clean, cruelty free, vegan, paraben free and gluten free.

Now that I have it and have used it for more than a year, I think I am finally ready to talk about it.

Formula: To put it in a single sentence - I love the formula! I am an eyeshadow lover; obviously I have a lot of eyeshadow palettes and I still find this formula to be somewhat unique among all my palettes. The shadows has a little not-so-soft texture which is not at all a bad thing. When I swatch it, I don't see the colors that much on the swatch but the sparkles are so freaking good :-)! I have heard some people struggle with the application. The instructions on their website asks to swirl the eyeshadows with fingertips in a circular motion on each eyeshadow shade and to not be afraid to use firm pressure. And that is exactly how I apply them and it works. Situation is a bit more chunkier than the others so it needs a little bit more swirling. 

Color: Roen Beauty has 3-4 (4) pan eyeshadow palettes with these lid lumes formula. And 11:11 palette was the most intriguing for me. It had the perfect balance of cool and warm shades and the extra chunky shade was even more interesting. 

Situation - Situation is a lot of multi colored and different sized sparkles on very pale rosy pink base. I think this is my most favorite shade from the palette! I use it alone or on top of any three of the rest of the shades and it takes my look to a new level of sparkle 😀! 

Hashtag - Hashtag is the most cool toned shades in the palette; lot of multi colored and small sized sparkles on a grey taupe base. It is such a perfect shade to use when I want a smokey, edgy look. I do not really gravitate towards cooler toned eyeshadows but I really do enjoy this one.  

Ciao! - Ciao! is a rosy mauve type of a shade with the same type of multi colored and small sized sparkles. Very pretty shade and perfect for a a simple sophisticated look.  

Rosie - It is funny that this shade is named Rosie but I see this as an subtle orange shade. And of course it has the same multi colored and small sized sparkles like HashtagCiao! and Rosie


How I use the eyeshadows: This palette is perfect for quick and sophisticated looks! I typically love creating unexpected, complex eye looks! That's one of my weekend self care rituals. But there are days when I want to look glammed up with a full face of makeup but I do not really have a whole lot of time to indulge in makeup application. This palette is the one I grab when I want that quick sparkly sophisticated look! All of them would give me pretty nice shimmery & glimmery look, however if I want more glitz I apply Situation on top of either HashtagCiao! and Rosie. In fact, I mix and match these shades on top of any matte shades to create the most simple, classic glittery look! There's is not really a whole lot of application variations for me! In other words, it is the same template eye look - add a matte lid shade, top it with any one of the 11:11 shade or mix and match more shades for more glitter effect! As I mentioned above, I swirl my fingertips on the eyeshadows , tap the product on my lids and if needed I would use more pressure. It helps to get all the sparkles on my lid! I have never tried using these with a brush, I wonder if that works! You can see a demonstrative IGTV here.

Staying Power: I always use eye primer (No need for glitter primer, regular primer works fine) with my eye looks. I haven't had full active days of out and about activities so I have not been able to try these that extensively in this world of Covid 😫! But for a normal day of weekend content filming or regular activities, I have no complaints about the staying power. The shadows stays put till I remove them at night when I wash my face!

After one year of usage! (Keep in mind that I have a lot of eyeshadow so not very frequently used)

Packaging: The packaging is compact, adorable and simple! As found in their website, the outer packaging is 100% recyclable packaging. I think that is great! 

Price & Availability: This palette will cost you $46 at full price for a total of 4.5 gram or 0.16 oz. I got it at $29 when Sephora was running a sale, I am very happy with the price . I cannot find Roen Beauty in Sephora anymore but the palette is available on Roen Beauty and Blue Mercury.

Here are some of the looks I created using these shadows with some additional matte shadows!

Here is a little snippet of me applying Situation on top of  Rosie  I believe!

Have you tried Roen Beauty? Tell me which palette or product you like from them?



Monday, January 3, 2022

Viseart Holiday 2021 ::: Cashmere Etendu Palette Review & Swatches!

 Talking about the Cashmere Palette from Viseart's Holiday Collection this year!

Full disclosure: Viseart gifted me this palette along with their other Holiday palettes but with no obligation to post!

This is the last palette I will talk about from their holiday collection this year, I have already talked about the Bijouxette (click here), Paris Etoile (click here) and Petit Fours (click here). 

I could not manage to talk about this before the holidays but hey, these are such pretty everyday neutrals you don't need to wait for holidays to wear these! Some of you might already know I do not gravitate towards neutral shades, especially cool toned neutral shades. But may be because of this, this palette feels a bit new-ish color scheme wise. And I loved playing with all the shades! May be I was a neutral lover after all!

Formula: Before I had this holiday collection, I already had 6 palettes from Viseart. So that should already tell you how much I love their formula. I adore their matte shadows - they are so easy to work with. I can blend their mattes with ease, I can place them strategically without getting muddy, I can mix them with lighter or darker shades to make them deeper or brighter. Even with deeper mattes like blue or dark green, I find them comparatively much easier to work with than some other brands. And because their mattes get more love from me, I don't pay much attention to their shimmers 😄! But they are also such a joy to work with. They are opaque, very shiny and almost minimum to no fall-out. I prefer using them with my fingertips than using with a brush.

Color: This is a neutral palette and I love that it leans more towards cool tones than warm tones! There are two golden shades but they are not overly gold. I like that. Let's take a closer look at the shades!

Bubbles - Described as palest pinky lilac champagne satin metallic. Such beautiful lilac mauvy shade. I feel like I have used it every time I have used this palette.

Laughter - Described as nude beige satin metallic with a shimmer finish. Similar shade as Bubbles but warmer and golden hued. This along with Bootlegger, Jazz and Burlesque will make a beautiful warm toned eye look. 

Feather - Described as pale vanilla with a matte finish. Great shade to have if you have a very light skintone. For me it does not do anything. 

Pearls - Described as blushed tan with a satin metallic shimmer finish. Very smooth texture. I have used it as a highlighter on top of my cream highlighter! 

Burlesque - Described as metallic caramel hue with a duochromatic finish. There are duochromatic sparkles for sure but I have not really played a whole lot with this shade to know if that transfers on the eyes. I love the shade though.

Flapper - Described as dusty midtone plum with a matte finish. I love this shade. Very appropriately mid-tones so it is useful for a broader range of skintone. Also the perfect midtone you want to use when you want a cooler tone look. LOVE it. 

Bootlegger - Described as sienna midtone brown with a matte finish. It is a perfect warm counterpart to Flapper. I know for sure that this shade is going to get used very heavily in my looks. I am glad they included it here. 

Jazz - Described as light rose gold with a duochromatic finish. Very soft texture and I love the duochrmatic speckles. It warm and kind of golden but I love that it not way too golden.

Roaring - Described as metallic deep burgundy with duochromatic finish. This is shade that I have been using a lot. Feels like they did not add too may deep shimmers so everytime I want to add more depth but in shimmer, I end up using it. 

Twenties - Described as pale lilac with a satin metallic shimmer finish. It is too light for me to use on my lid often, but I love it as a inner corner highlight. 

Retro - Described as pewter with a satin metallic finish. Another great shade with such a smooth texture. I absolutely adore this shade. 

Cigar - Described as deep expresso brown with a matte finish. Last shade in the palette but my absolute favorite shade. I love how deep and dark this shade is and how easy it is to use. I am finding great use for it. 

Staying Power: I always use eye primer with my eye looks. But I love their formula - it has great staying power. It stays put till I remove at night when I wash my face.

Packaging: This is their Ettendu palette so it follows a typical sizing, I love the green festive outer cover too! Their palettes now has mostly removable magnetic pans which are amazing in case you want to create custom color schemes. I really love that about their newer packaging styles.

Price & Availability: This palette will cost you $44 at full price for a total of 18 gram or 0.63 oz. But this is holiday season so I am quite sure you will get some discount or other. Also it is very easy to find Viseart these days; they retail at their own website (Viseart), BeautylishCamera Ready Cosmetics, and Muse Beauty Pro.

Here are the 3 looks I created using only this palette so far, I am sure I will play with it more and have more fun.

Lastly some video swatches! Such pretty shades!

Did you pick up any palette from this holiday collection?