Monday, April 18, 2022

SUGARPILL Fun Size Eyeshadow Palette ::: Review & Swatches!

Talking about the Fun Size Palette from Sugarpill today!

I got the palette during thanksgiving sales back in 2020, if I remember correctly. And after using it for one whole year and creating many different looks, I am ready to talk about it. It is currently shows "SOLD OUT" but I hope they have not discontinued cause I really love this cute little palette. On their website this palette comes with this description "Level up your makeup! Unlock nine powered-up matte shades in our portable Fun Size Mini Color Palette that you can play anywhere, anytime! Super bold pressed pigments offer superior pay-off and blendability." I definitely enjoy the mini size and the color assortment here. Let look more closely!

Formula: This are all matte shades! And most of them are somewhat pastel shades, which would make you wonder about their blendability. But I am happy to report that they are super easy to work with. Blends easily and stays put. They are super soft to touch and when applied, they seem to have a soft, undetectable sheen. Super pretty on eyelids like mine that are getting drier by the year because of (ahem) age :-). I find that these 9 shades work best together with each other, and the color payoff comes out great. However, if I have to place it on tiny area very strategically for more artistic or complex looks, I need to build up the color a lot more. But if I am using it as a crease shade, or on the lid or even inner corner and use a fluffier brush, it is super duper easy to build up; blends like a dream. So, if I have to complain, that will be it. I wish I could use it without more work for strategic placement

Color: Overall, I love the color scheme. Like I mentioned before, it is mostly pastel themed palette. I could probably recreate these shades with my Bright Editorial Palette (reviewed here) from Viseart but it so convenient to have this palette. The only feedback I have here is that Level Up and Rage Quite is too similar to each other.

Cheat Code - Described as a seafoam color. This really compliments my brown eyes. I love using it on my inner corner for little pop of color. 

8-bit - Perfect periwinkle matte shade. Blue pastels are not that easy to make but this one works like a charm. I am a blue eyeshadow connoisseur. Obviously, I have a lot of them. But I do not have a shade like this. Very happy with it :-)

Player One - Another shade that I absolutely adore. It is described as red-toned lilac, and I think that is just the perfect description. It works really well with blues or even reds/pinks for looks that has color gradient. It is probably the shade that I gravitate towards the most in the palette. I can already see a dip forming it it. 

Twitch - This is a mint green shade, very cute :-). I use it a lot in my inner corner with other neutral shades.

Level Up - Described as vibrant pink toned coral. Definitely warm toned. Love using it on the lid for simple look and for adding a little something exciting he he. 

Rage Quite - This one is described as deep magenta rose. Very pretty shade but it is very close to Level Up. this one is more pink and cool toned but on the eyes I don't find much difference. I actually use them interchangeably.

Continue? - Described as mustard yellow but to me it looks more like a dirty, murky yellow. I really like this shade. I have a ton of bright yellows so this shade is somewhat unique in my collection. I enjoy it very much.  

High Score - This shade is described as blazing marigold and it does look like blazing marigold! I love it but for whatever reason, I do not use it a whole lot. But performance wise, no complaints

Game Over - Described as vivid orange-toned red. A red that stays red when applied on the eyelids and does not turn into orange or into pink :-) I love it; but again I do not know why I do not use it more! 😍.

Staying Power: I always use eye primer with my eye looks. And these shadows stays put. Looks like I have been saying this in every review past two years - I have not had EXTREMELY active days but for a normal day, it lasts till I remove my eye makeup at night when I wash my face.

Packaging: Packaging is very cute, with a little kitty on the front he he! Simple, flat cardboard packaging. Nothing extra ordinary but I appreciate the simplicity. I also love that they did not go overboard with cuteness. 

Price & Availability: This palette will cost you $30 at full price for a total of 0.8 gram or 0.025x9 oz. I got it from Sugarpill website with a little discount. I don't know if it is available anymore, looks like it is out of stock right now but they have "Fun Size Too" palette that has similar color scheme. It is available on Beautylish as well.

Here are few looks I created using only this palette so far, I am sure I will play with it more and have more fun. Which one is your favorite?



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