Tuesday, May 10, 2022

LYS BEAUTY Satin Matte Cream Blush in Passion ::: Review & Swatches!!!

I think, I think, I have finally made up my mind about the LYS Beauty HIGHER STANDARD Satin Matte Cream Blush today. I have it in shade Passion. This was my very first product from this brand and I have heard about them from my friends over on Instagram; I was really excited. But to give you a quick overview, I do not think I love it as wholeheartedly as I wanted to! Also unnecessary side note - I do not understand why the product has such a long name :-) 

I have had this product since January this year so I have definitely spend enough time with it.

Shade: Passion is described as fuchsia pink. I was looking for very bright pink shade! My hope was that it will immediately brighten up my face, as the correct shade of pink (whether its outfit, lipstick or blush) tends to do that for me. However this pink shade was just a tad bit deeper than I was hoping it to be. It is still a beautiful shade but not as bright as I was hoping for it to be.   

Formula, Quality & Staying Power: I do not have any comment on the staying power. I haven't had any long days with many outdoor activities but for a simple day of normal activities it wore beautifully. 

Like the name of the product suggests, it is a cream blush formula with satin but somewhat of a flat finish. It is a bit stiff, formula wise so you definitely have to warm up the product before you apply it. 

My biggest worry is the application! I cannot seem to figure out the best application method without making it look patchy. I felt like there was a learning curve but even after 5 months with the product, I often end up worrying that it will look a little patchy! I have to be so careful with my skin preparation and even after that, if it looks patchy immediately after I apply it, it is very hard to make it smoother and rectify the situation. I have started to apply it with a base skin-tone shade of blush underneath; that seems to help. I have very dry skin and I have a lot of acne scars and textures left behind from previous acnes. I am not sure if the formula does not work best because of that? I have mainly applied it with a beauty blender. Once or twice I have tried with blush (and it is not a go to method for me for cream blushes); brush application seems to work a tiny bit more. But I will have to keep testing as I don't have complete confidence in any one of the method! 

This makes me a a bit sad, and the application process a little bit tedious and probably it will lead me to use the product less frequently. We shall see!

Price: Woo, the price point for LY Beauty is really attractive. This blush will cost you $16 for a total of 0.23 oz (6.5g) of product. That is a lot of product for a blush and the cost is very affordable. It is probably one of the most affordable blushes on Sephora. 

Availability: This is available at Sephora, and
 LYS Beauty website 

Packaging: It comes in a triangular compact which is not a norm and it makes storing them a bit challenging. I do not have any problem with that but something to keep in mind.

Here are some looks I did with Passion! You can also see the patchiness on the second look with heavy layer application. And if mixed with other cream blushes it seemed to apply more smoothly. 

To sum it up, I think I will still get use out of the blush, I just have to mix it with another shade which makes it bit more complicated and less efficient in my opinion. 


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